Cambridge Audio 840C player still a good buy ?

I am building a second system and have seen some 840C's go for around $ 750.00

Is this still a worthwhile player based on sonics?

I am leaving the DAC-access out of the equation for now, mainly interested in how it sounds compared to what is available for the money.

Thanks for your opinion!
You will be hard pressed to find something better for the money.
owned one for a year . After comparing it to a pioneer elite universal player , thought it was very clinical in comparison . so it was sold with no regrets .
I agree with Maplegrovemusic - I found it too clinical. But some people like that presentation. It can depend on the rest of the system. Personally, I would look elsewhere.
I own one and like the sound very much. I use it with tube gear, so I do not find it to be cold or analytical. When I had a solid state amp, however, I didn't love it in the same way. As always, it depends on the system. For the money it is a great CD player IMO.
I have had one for a number of years. I ended up using it mainly as a transport feeding a Bryston BDA-1, which resolved a lot of issues. The Class A Bryston output was smoother, warmer and more resolving than the stock analog outputs of the 840.

I then purchased a PWT, which is considerably more expensive than the 840. Feeding both into the Bryston, I found the PWT to be a bit better resolving with a nicer 3d soundfield than the 840, but whether its worth 2.5 to 4x more is a good question. The PWT can play high res files the 840 cannot, which eventually swayed my decision.

But for the money, the 840 is a good product.
I owned an 840C for several years. An incredible player for the money. I had to spend a lot more to better it
I had one for awhile after wanting one for a long, long time. Let me preface this by saying that I am a huge Cambridge Audio fan. I have the 840A amp and it is one of the best sounding solid state integrated amps I've ever owned. It absolutely smashed my McIntosh MA-6900. But the 840C was one of the biggest let downs in many years of audio purchases. Clinical is a good description. Unmusical would also be apt.
(sigh) I have the 840C; unmusical it is not. A few years ago, it beat the pants off my original Meridian 508.24 that I purchased new in 1997 and that was the reason that I bought it. Or perhaps, the 508.24 was also unmusical?
I have one and I've run it through both solid state and - currently - through tubes. I can see why some folks might think it sounds lean, especially with SS. I ran mine through a Musical Fidelity NuVista for a while and the highs were really bright and the sound, while detailed, was definitely a little dry. On the other hand, through tubes the thing sounds amazing. Great detail and dimensionality and terrific bass. Of course, this is just my experience - yours may vary - but I've been pretty happy with the player.

Also - I don't use the DAC often, but I have a Musical Fidelity V-Link that I use with it on occasion. There is a bit of high end loss, but I couldn't tell you if that's the DAC's fault, the V-Link or iTunes. I have friends who use the DAC with higher resolution formats and they seem happy.
Just listened to one at a friends house last week and though it sounded good (nad and b&w supporting cast). When he told me what he picked it up for used.......I thought it sounded fantastic !

I'd call it an outstanding value on a good player
I have owned a 840c for 5 years now and it is the first CD player I prefered it to my turntable. I have tubes as well so that seems to be a theme but I have been playing it through a Rotel 1062 and it sounds great enough that to have me very impressed with that little integrated.

To me the 840c is detailed and smooth. Before this my CD's players were either warm with less detail or more detailed but harder sounding.

Speakers are Dali Mentor 6's or Monitor Audio 20se through my VAC Avatar. Neither of them are forgiving speakers and it is brighter through the 20se but EVERYTHING is brighter through them. But the 20se is also very revealing and the CD player doesn't get in the way at all.

I will say this. It does sound better through the balanced output. Somewhere along the line I picked up a Kimber Hero cable with XLR st the cd end and RCA at the amp end. Very very good match and definitely brought the sound up a notch or two. Hero is a bit warm but the highs come through beautifully. The player also sounds different depending on the cable. I used the VDH d102 III for a long while, especially when I had warmer speakers.

I also have a OPPO bd83se and that player is a bit more dynamic but not has smooth and more "electronic" sounding. Still I the oppo sounds great with SACD's. And movies of course

My two cents for what it worth.