Cambridge Audio 840C DAC vs. what?

Has anyone had experience upgrading from the CA-840C DAC section to another respected DAC? What were your impressions?

I'm currently using my 840C DAC with my Mac Mini and the Halide Bridge and my system has never sounded better...

PS Audio Power Plant Premier > Mac Mini 2.53GHz/4GB > Amarra Mini 2.0 > Halide Bridge> Cambridge Audio 840C > Acoustic Zen Silver Reference II > Arcam AVR350 > Acoustic Zen Shotgun Double Barrel > Vandersteen 2Ce speakers (combination of LessLoss and VH Audio power cables w/dedicated circuits)

HOWEVER, since I've never owned another DAC besides the 840C, I'm extremely interested in what kind of improvements I might experience with a dedicated DAC like the Wyred DAC2 or Bryston BDA-1, for instance.... or any other DAC you may have directly compared to the 840C's DAC section.


It will clearly beat a Rega, Music Hall, Jolida and more...
Many of the newer DACs have a digital signature which can lead to listener fatigue - very detailed but also fatiguing. For me, The 840c was in this overly digital camp. I ended up with a used Musical Fidelity A3-24, an upsampling DAC that accepts up to 24/96 signals. The MF was pretty close to my Classe CDP-10 in sound. The difference here is not one of quality but of personal preference. If you like your 840c, then the MF may be too "smooth" for you. I would decide which camp you are in then search for comments looking for comments on the "digital" characteristic of the DAC. Benchmark, for example, is viewed by many as too digital, although others love it.
Thanks for your comments!

Agreed, that the 840C can sound almost overly detailed or digital... but, sufficient break-in time and recent changes I've made upstream of the 840C have been very impressive.

The M2Tech hiFace, while amazing for its defined soundstage, sounded too edgy or digital. But when I tried the modified hiFace from jkeny, it took my system to a very nice place! Very smooth and analog.

Now I've replaced the modified hiFace with Halide Bridge and again, my system has never sounded better... great detail, soundstage and texture. Instruments and vocals sound more accurate and present than they ever have with my other peripherals.

The only reason I'm looking for input, is the fact that I've never really read any glowing reviews on the 840C's DAC section, much less read any comparisons between the 840C and other well respected DACs.
I am using a hiFace with my MF A3-24 and love the sound. It has great detail without being edgy or digital for me. I agree that it is necessary to consider the whole stream, not a single device. Sounds like you are on top of your system design.