Cambridge Audio 840C

Has anyone compared this cd player to the Bryston BCD-1 or perhaps the PrimaLuna Prologue 8?
I have compared it to the Bryston BCD-1. I found the 840C to be bright compared to the BCD-1. If you love bass, the BCD-1 shines, in my opinion.
Sony one before they vanish! You will be happy with SACD and RB playback, both of which are near state of the art:O)
The 840C is a great player for the money. The Bryston is fairly neutral if that is your thing. But if you can afford it, I would get the PrimaLuna with the $85 board upgrade - in another class in terms of performance and you can role the tubes to suite your personal tastes.
Knownothing, I read there is an issue with the impedance of the Primaluna 8 which can cause a lack of bass depending on the impedance of the preamp connected to it. Does the board resolve the impedance issue?
06-09-09: Foster_9
Knownothing, I read there is an issue with the impedance of the Primaluna 8 which can cause a lack of bass depending on the impedance of the preamp connected to i
If it matters, a Burson Buffer will correct impedance mismatch.
Interesting device Tvad. Thanks

Was not aware of impedance matching being the source of problems with the lower bass reproduction with that player. But I just read the preamble for the Stereophile review posted on the PrimaLuna website - yes, looks like they acknowledge that there is a problem with very low input impedance preamps.

In any case. John Atkinson noted in a subsequent discussion in the magazine that the upgraded OP amp boards did improve the upper bass noticeably and with the board installed in his words "the PrimaLuna becomes a straight Class A recommendation." He also noted in his first look at it that "it threw the widest, deepest soundstage from CDs that I have experienced with any player". Hmmmm, strong statement.

I should provide clarity on the cost of the board upgrades: The Super I/V OP Amp kit "Basic" is $150, the Super I/V OP Amp kit "Plus" is $235, or a difference of $85 between the two. If you are investing that much for a player, I would pay the roughly 10% extra and get the "Plus" upgraded board.
Tvad, have you tried the Burson? Has anyone? Very curious about it.
Ditto Drubin, I also wonder if anyone has used the Burson with success. At its price it seems too good to be true.
If you audition the 840C, make sure you try more than one interconnect. On my system it sounded blah and boring with the Cardas Neutral Reference that my old CDP liked, to the point that I was thinking of selling it. Then I tried Zu Varials and the 840C came alive and became a keeper.

I was initailly looking to go with a 2-channel RB player rather than SACD. I have an SCD-C555ES that is in need of service, thus the reason for looking into new players.

Have you been able to compare the RB playback of the Sony to either the Cambridge, Bryston or PrimaLuna?
I know this may sound surprising, but after listening to the 840c with Harmonic Tech, Tara and Synergisitc ICs, my favorite IC is a Mapleshade thin ribbon cable that I bought from an audio friend. This has all the spacial and extension qualities I like. Who woulda known? Anyone else like these?
I've heard the Cambridge and Bryston and I feel the Sony strikes the best balance between detail, warmth and dimensionality while maintaining accurate tonality. The Prima Luna is an unknown quantity with questionable reviews, plus I am not comfortable with adding coloration and distortion at the front end. I owned the BAT VK-D5SE and I couldn't stand the colorations that highly regarded player offered so I declined on buying a Prima Luna. I find the Sony to serve up RB and SACD playback with truthfulness, natural tone, great detail/air and dimensionality while rendering superb dynamic contrasts:O)
Doesn't look like the Mapleshade ICs come in XLR...too bad, I wouldn't mind giving 'em a try.