Cambridge Audio 740C

Hi. Don't remember posting here before but I have a question on my 740C. Bought this a year ago from Decibel Audio's website and had the CDP shipped to Palm Springs, CA where I live. Lately, the CDP will not read redbook cds. I have to literally eject the tray so many times and press the play button again and again to have the machine read and play the disc. The noise I hear when the machine is trying to read the disc seems to be a whole lot. And also, when the disc is playing, I can hear noise that's obvious, it was not there before. Decibel said that this unit is brand new when purchased. I spoke with a distributor in NY and they advised that I would have to ship the unit back to them for repair. Anyone else have any opinions on the matter?
It's the lens problem. Encountered that last year and got it fixed with no problems anymore. Just replace a new lens.
hey Mg, I live in PS now too. Where do you go to buy music or equipment?
I buy stuff online. I buy all of my music and equipment online. Did you just move here? My name's Mark.

I thought the same. I called some guy from the NY distributor and he connected me to a french guy in Canada, some major city there. He says that I have to spend my own money on the UPS Ground shipping cost (along with insurance) and they will fix the problem and then ship it back to me free of charge. Do you like your 740C? It tends to sound a little too bright (sibilant) sometimes but I suspect the fault lies on the actual recording of the CD. I find it to be a terrific player. Makes me wonder if the 840C is any different.