Cambridge Audio 651a vs. Outlaw RR2150

Hello All.

I have a set of Canton Nestor 603 floor speakers. My research has led me to these two devices (I'm just getting into higher end audio). I have an Audio Technica AT-LP120-USB that I want to use. However, most of my music will probably come from a combination of FLACs and Spotify Premium.

Is there a consensus of rank between these two devices? I'm open to other devices as well.

Another option available to me is an ADCOM GFP-345 + P.S. Audio Delta 100. (Hard to find information on these.)

Thank you for your help and I look forward to your comments.
Cambridge.... I received one of the first 2150s , it died, I got another one and it sounded fine. All was well until I turned the bass up and it shifted the balance. The balance was plugged into the tone circuit and the tone control was plugged into the balance circuit. They were all apologies and offered another but I said no thanks.....
Thank you for the response.

Do you have any experience with CA?
I think you are being a bit rough on Outlaw. There were problems with the original supplier of the RR2150 when the receiver was first introduced in 2005. Outlaw replaced the supplier and if you research their forum section for owners' comments about the RR2150, you will see that the original problems were dealt with and have not reoccurred. Michael Fremer even speaks to this in his review of the Outlaw RR2150 .

I have owned an RR2150 since 2006 without any issues. I am currently using the Outlaw with an Emotiva CD player and Omega 3T single driver speakers. Good, powerful, robust amplifier ... drives speakers easily. Decent built in phono stage, which is a plus. Excellent tuner, which I would think should be one of the the driving reasons to owning a receiver.

If you don't need a tuner, I would think an integrated amp would get you more bang for your buck.

To continue from my last post, it seems you are in the $600 to $800 budget range.

If you need a tuner, go with the Outlaw ($650). I do not know of any other moderately priced receiver that delivers as much as it does. Outlaw does run holiday sales from time to time and Labor Day is coming up, so you may be able to catch a $100 break.

If it is just an integrated amp you need, consider the following (all prices list):

NAD C326BEE ($550)
Marantz PM 6004 ($600)
Rega Brio R ($900)

I have not had much luck with Cambridge Audio in terms of product longevity, but that was with CD players and not amplifiers.

Thank you guys.

I absolutely do not need a tuner. The reviews of the CA seem to be, generally favorable. However, they are exceptional for the NAD and the Marantz you have listed.

Do you think the Marantz PM6004 has enough power to drive my speakers (Canton Nestor 603)?

Also considering the Evolution Creek 2.

I appreciate your comments.