cambridge audio 640c v2 annoying click?

Do all 640c v2 cd players emit a small click (the physical unit, not the signal) at the beginning and end of playback (and between tracks in program mode) or is this a defect? If they all do this I am surprised that none of the glowing reviews has made mention of this annoyance...
The click is normal. Compared to the clatter that many modern high-speed CD-ROM drives used in the competion, count yourself fortunate. I'll take a click any day if it comes with the excellent sound the 640C creates.
Thanks, Rkeman, but do you not find it unfortunate that it comes down to this choice, when the clicking, I would have to think, would be fairly easy for Cambridge Audio to fix?

I guess I see it differently: precisely because I am impressed by the performance of the 640C v2 -- including its otherwise quiet operation -- I am astounded that nobody thought to address the clicking.

Anyway, I think it is a lot more annoying than you do!
My Azure 640 C has had a motor whirring noise since new. I never got any help from contacting CA or the so called help website. I bought it new and hoped it would wear in since I often read of cdp needing to "burn in". I was wrong, it never went away. Now I just have to sell 'as is'.
Boy, I had never cared about this until you pointed it out. I took my head phones off, stopped my CD, started it again, my 640C V2 clicked, a little bit. I still don't care. It has tremendously good sound for the cost - not high-end per say - but lots going on in there.

I owned a Version 1 for a while too, and it ran flawlessly. Sorry about the motor whirring noise, some of the earlier models had problems with transformer hum, and now the drive too? Shame on Cambridge. If you can document the timing of your complaints, you should be able to get the problem covered under warranty. Ask them for a new Version 2 to replace yours.