Cambridge Audio 540d v.2 vs Oppo DV983h

has anybody some experience or opinion with these 2 (none blue ray)dvd players. I'm thinking of choosing one for my hometheater. I know blue ray is "the" thing, but as stereo music is my thing, I only an upscaling DVD player. Thanks for any help..........
if you have an hdtv get blueray. no question, imho.
How about the Oppo BDP-83 blu-ray player(~$500)? I got the email today for those on the pre-order list that I can now order it and it will ship next week. After that they open it up to everyone. It has analog outs so no need to replace any non 1.3 HDMI pre/pro to get the new audio codecs.
Yeah, get the Oppo bluray unless your screen is well under 40". The new sound format is better, it's not just the screen.

If you don't want bluray, then the Oppo 980H is a steal, even at full retail price.