cambridge a3i or nad c-320bee


I am considering one of these two amps. I listen to all types a music typically classic rock and the my wife likes top 40, we occasional get in the mood for jazz and classical. I personally like my music loud, and have it on when I am puttering around the house. So I want something that is clear and has power. Unfortunatley I am on a budget. Other than these 2 amps would a "big box retail" typr of reciever rated higher be a wiser choice in this price point? Any recomandations on these amps or others greatly appreciated.

Na dude check out all the reviews at the Absolute Sound, HiFi Choice, and What Hifi. According to the reviews this is another classic audiophile budget component in the making. I debated for a while whether to get this or my Arcam A65 plus. Unfortunately at the time the unit wasnt available in the US. Go audition one and tell us about your experience. Also consider what equipment youll be using it with.
Thanx for the info. i am from canda and my selection is limited for auditioning
In the $400 USD price range for new equipment, I am a real fan of the NAD 320BEE. I have owned one now for 4 months and am very pleased with it. Clean, detailed, and clear sounding with useful, deep bass. I posted a review of the NAD in Agon. With the exception of some interconnect and speaker cable upgrades, my opinion is still the same.

Regards, Rich
I always hate when you ask for opinion on somthing and people tell you other brands to try. So I won't do that the NAD has more power and a smoother sound so it sorta depends on your speakers I love NAD stuff they are way underated I have a 40 per channel integrated that is way more ballsy then my 105 watt perchannel Marantz home theater reciver amp. I think your on the right track for best sound on a budget and I think the NAD would be better BUT I havn't heard that model of the Cambridge it might be just as food though I doubt it. NAD Rocks !!
I have actually owned both (I think an older C320?). Based on what I heard, not what I read in a magazine, I would take the Cambridge A3i.

The A3i was designed by Michael Creek (Creek Audio).
It also has a very good phono stage built in, so you can add a turntable. The only real difference between it and a Creek amplifier, is that it is made in Asia instead of the UK.

The NAD is a very nice amp as well, but it seemed slightly bland to me anyway. The bass seemed a little slower, which to some may make it sound warmer. But that kind of warmer came accross as bland for my taste anyway.

I would still own my A3i, except after I put it in my work office, I discovered I really needed a remote to control the volume and mute without leaving my desk. So I traded it for a Creek 4330R amplifier, which you may also want to consider if you can spare another $100+ on the used market.
They do sound about the same, the Cambridge actually has a little more power.

You really can't go wrong with an NAD either, so you will probably be happy with either.