Cambridge 840C, YES it is as good as the reviews

Yes, I just received this player and can honestly say this is the first time the review was spot on. This is easily the best bargain in digital audio bar none. This player is in my mind and my musical tastes as good as it gets for under $5k or maybe more with the exception of the Resolution Audio Opus 21. It is that good.

I agree 100% with the review in absolute sound....the highs are to die for, the imaging and spatial presentation is that of a mega dollar player. The only drawbacks I can find is a slight lack in definition of low bass....but I only have 15 hours on the unit!! I fully expect that to clean up over time. This thing is the real deal.........
Hi Sunset,
Based on your last post, are you saying the Ayre CX7e is a better player than the Cambridge 840c?
Yes, from my listening experience, the Ayre CX-7e is a step-above the CA 840c. Based on opinions expressed on this website (and others), this appears to be a widely accepted point of view.

The Sony SCD-XA9000ES at $3K is another excellent choice (if you don't need balanced connections) and again is a step-above the CA 840c. Nearly all Tweeter Stores carry both, so, like I did, you can easily AB them. The Sony also offers "excellent" playback of SACDs.
after living with the player for almost 6 months - it is an amazing player - i have always said - that with this player that extensive break-in is necessary to experience it's full capabilities.

I would have never realized it's potential just from a demo at tweeter, etc. regardless of how long they have had that player.

The "its the best player i've heard under $5000" that roberty harley said will probably live in infamy forever and probably sets a high bar of stratospheric expectations. Harley also if you remember about 10 years ago - gave an unbelievable review of a product called the "digital lens" which sat between your amp and cd player/dac which was suppose to be the answer to make digital an amazing experience. To me it was one of the the most over-rated products ever - yet during the review i had multiple orgasms (I wish I could find that review now- It was even more enticing then the cambridge review) and had to have one that evening and even travelled 60 miles the next day to get one - i wonder where the are now?

Taken on its own terms it's a very musical player. No doubt that there are other players - equal or better - but that misses the whole point of the cambridge - it nails the flow of music in a real special way.

I owned an 840c for about 5 weeks had the opportunity to put about 300 hours on it. It did improve with break in but in the end did not make my short list. I think that it is a great value for $1400 but not as engaging as the Ayre Cx-7e, the Opis 21 or even the Rega Saturn-all of which I felt were more musical. I will admit I am biased in my listening preferences but for the money, I really wanted the Cambridge to be at least equal or close. It would have saved me some $$$ compared to any of the other players.

Don't get me wrong the 840c is a fine player but certainly not the best under $5K. If you read TAS this month you will find Robert Harley makes the "best under $5000" claim conditional saying that it is the best under $5K player that he has heard.
I also saw Harley's response... here's the thing - this guy is Mr. Audio Biz... when he makes a statement like that, I either want to listen to one immediately (which I have) or question his credibility (which many have done) because that was quite an exagerated claim.

Truth is, I think the 840c is an excellent CDP for $1500 and a serious contender at twice that. IMO, if your budget is tight, and/or you want digital inputs, and/or you want an upsampling transport, the 840c ought to be on your short list to check out.