Cambridge 840C, YES it is as good as the reviews

Yes, I just received this player and can honestly say this is the first time the review was spot on. This is easily the best bargain in digital audio bar none. This player is in my mind and my musical tastes as good as it gets for under $5k or maybe more with the exception of the Resolution Audio Opus 21. It is that good.

I agree 100% with the review in absolute sound....the highs are to die for, the imaging and spatial presentation is that of a mega dollar player. The only drawbacks I can find is a slight lack in definition of low bass....but I only have 15 hours on the unit!! I fully expect that to clean up over time. This thing is the real deal.........

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I ab'd this CD Player against the Krell SACD Standard at Spearit Sound and it wasn't even close. Compared to the Krell it sounded like what it is "a good mid-fi CD Player". I also ab'd it against the Esoteric SA-10, again no contest, though closer than the Krell. Go to Spearit Sound and audition it for yourself. They carry CA, Krell & Esoteric and are more than happy to ab CD Players. This Machine is good for the money, but it is way over-rated. The Esoteric (SA-10 & SA-60) & Krell Players retail for less than $5K and are simply on another level.
Yes, I agree with your comments regarding the CA 840c and the TAS review. I have recently heard quite a few sub-$5K CD Players, that in my opinion, come very close to the performance of near cost-no-object CD Players, that rightly deserve the node/endorsment that TAS gave to the 840c. But yes, for a fully-balanced CD Player under $2K the 840c may be it, and possibly up to $2.9K, then the Ayre CX-7e (and Sony SCD-XA9000ES) takes over from there.
Yes, from my listening experience, the Ayre CX-7e is a step-above the CA 840c. Based on opinions expressed on this website (and others), this appears to be a widely accepted point of view.

The Sony SCD-XA9000ES at $3K is another excellent choice (if you don't need balanced connections) and again is a step-above the CA 840c. Nearly all Tweeter Stores carry both, so, like I did, you can easily AB them. The Sony also offers "excellent" playback of SACDs.