Cambridge 840c vs. Raysonic CD128

Has anyone compared these two highly acclaimed CD players?

They are both in the same general price range so make a good comparision of s.s. vs. tube.
Had both in my house.Bought the Raysonic.More open,smoother and yet detailed with plenty of balls.
The Cambridge to me anyway sounded like digital but your best bet is to try what you can as systems vary and so do personal tastes.

Best of luck,

Unless you need a preamp for additional inputs, get the 168, which has variable outs that are adjustable from the remote
I've had both the Cambridge 840C and Raysonic CD128 and preferred the Raysonic overall; the Raysonic was just more musical with that holographic 3-D tube realism you just don't quite get with solid state units. I presently have the CD168 which in my opinion is even better sounding than the CD128.

These two players present music very differently and it comes down to personal taste

Personally, there is no way i could live with the Raysonic. The CD128 is slow, coloured and has very poor resolution compared with Cambridge Audio 840C.