Cambridge 840C or Rega Apollo CD Player?

I am considering the Cambridge 840C or Rega Apollo CD Player. Any recomendations for the less than $1500 range? Thanks
They are two completely different players. Rega tends to have a more laid back sound compared to the Cambridge. What are you matching it up with?
I am happy with Rega Planet, the Appolo predecessor.

But If I would buy now I would test if a simplier transport + Dac would get best results and with the added functionality of provider more digital connections...
I have Thiel CS 3.6 speakers, Bryston 4B amp and a passive pre-amp. The sound is a little on the bright side. I am planning on adding a JL audio f113 sub to improve bass response in a poor acoustic room for stereo listening and to double in a home theater system. I am also concidering a Jolida JD 100 tube CD player. Any opinions on the Jolida vs the cambridge or rega CD player?
Also curious about these two players compared. I own the Apollo (Mac 6900, Dali Spks). Only owned low end previously, it was a big leap in every way. Beginning to think about the 840C to get some liveliness into my system... I think I have 3 very laid back components. Have heard the Apollo is a bit bass lacking....but havent compared so I dont know.
I have the Cambridge 640C, which does not offer the upsampling feature included with the 840C, but I must say it is superlative with better quality CDs. It uses dual 24-bit Wolfson DACs, and I have compared it to the Rega Planet and Apollo, and the Cambridge sound is more pleasing to me; crisp with good bass response, without being too "bright". I run it through a Threshold amp into Meadowlark Shearwater "Hotrods", and I couldn't be happier. -David
DalOwol: I currently have an 840C and a Jolida 100 with a level 2 modification (through Underwood Hifi.) The tubes in the level 2 mod are not the same as in the stock model...I can't tell you what tubes they are off an accurate comparison is difficult. BUT, the Cambridge is more detailed, wider soundstage and a leans towards the analytical side; the Jolida is a little warmer, great harmonics in the mids with just a slight loss of detail compared to the Cambridge. Both are "best buys" in my book. I demoed an Apollo a couple of years back while I had the Jolida, but before I had the Cambridge, and in the weekend I had them both, it was hard to tell the difference. I decided to stick with the Jolida, particularly because of the built-in head phone jack that, despite using an internal FET amp, sounds mighty fine. I now employ the Joilda in a small, warm, second system where the listening position is very nearfield. I have no desire to mess with the Cambridge in my main system. Oh, I use a Gingko platform under the 840C and that 'smooths' (read: sounds more analog) the sound out just a bit. Good luck!