Cambridge 840c or Pioneer PD-65/Benchmark DAC 1

This is to simplify a question forum I started earlier. I am considering trying to update my Pioneer Elite PD-65 player for some improvement. I am considering between selling it and buying a Cambridge 840c or keeping it as a transport and buying a Benchmark DAC-1 as the D/A converter. What would you do?
I have no experience with the Benchmark DAC. That being said, I am very happy with my 840c.
540c or 640c are very good for the money not sure about the 840, if it does not have the superb wolfson DAC might be best to avoid it.
Neither, get a used Bel Canto DAC2 for your PD-65. If you want a real bargain try the Keces dac sold here for $350 with the opamp upgrade.
Seems that you can't find anyone that has experience with both. I haven't heard the Benchmark, but had a Bel Canto DAC1 a couple of years ago and was not impressed.(even though I like Bel Canto in general) I have owned the 840 for about a year and find it to be excellent, more like a $2-3k player.
I believe that it actually has 2 of the Wolfson dac's, one for each channel.
I use it w/ a tube amp and it is transparent, detailed and musical. Not certain that it would mate as well w/ a SS amp that leans toward brightness. If you buy used, I would imagine that either the 840 or the Benchmark could be resold w/ no problem.