Cambridge 840C DACs vs. Wyred vs. Eastern Electric

Anyone compare the DACs in the 840C to the either of the Wyred DAC 1 or 2, or the Eastern Electric DAC? I havent been using the CDP in the 840C, mostly only using it as a DAC for my Wadia Ipod doc. I enjoy the sound, however I am curious about some of these newer DAC's.

Any info is appreciated.
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I have not heard them but I think the bigger question is which one has the best output stage?
No, I think the question is which sounds better to you. I've been burned before by assumptions based only on the technology used.

I'm also curious how the WfS DAC compares to the 840C. Not sure I want to pay the 15% restocking fee in case a trial doesn't work out.

I'm currently comparing a Neko D100 against my 840C (Neko has a 30-day trial with no restocking fees). Initial impressions are of slightly more high-end extension (but the 840C has sweeter highs, I think), slightly more midrange presence, and cleaner bass.
My vote is for the Eastern Electric Minimax Tube DAC that I recently purchased. It replaced a Bel Canto DAC3. The sound is excellent on the EE! For $770 delivered, it is a steal.
I've owned an 840C and Wyred DAC-1/2. The 840C does sound nice, but I found it lacking in the mid/upper bass and the spacial info wasn't up to snuff(DACMagic imaged better). Neither of the Wyred DACs suffer from either of those issues.
Interesting. How did the Minimax improve over the DAC3?

Thanks for the feedback. I forgot to include the Benchmark DAC in my list above, so any other comparisons of the DAC's mentioned is appreciated.
I tried a Benchmark HDR, but preferred the 840C, mainly for the fuller midbass (cellos and basses). To be honest, I didn't put many hours on it, so someone could always say I didn't break it in, but it was pretty clear that the midbass wasn't magically going to fill in with practice.

I tried it going directly into both my BAT VK-250 and Bryston 3B-SST, and also into my BAT 3iX pre-amp in fixed mode. The midrange of the Benchmark was excellent, though; very pure, like a good MM cartridge. And the highs were more extended. Really a very fine and flexible product if you prefer a relatively leaner sound. By the way, they are now shipping a much nicer remotes than the one you see on the web.
Compared the EE DAC and the 840C extensively for over a month. The 840C has more gusto, a bit more robust & dynamic. The EE Dac captures a bit more ambiance of the recording with a good tube installed. In SS mode it does not compare with the 840C but that could change withe OpAmp rolling.
Just my 2 cents but if you are willing to spill a little more bucks, for $1,150 the Anedio D1 is worth looking into. There is a review over head-fi wherein this dac was compared to a few others including some costing more and come out ahead.
I had the 840c for a couple of years befor replacing it with the Touch/EE Dac combo.I have to say the 840c doesnt come even close to the performance of the Touch/EE Dac combo.