cambridge 840c and muse model 2 DAC?

i've had a micromega stage 2 transport and muse model 2 dac since 96 that have served me really well. the micromega has started to skip on a couple of cd's and upon getting a good deal on the cambridge 840c cd transport i bought one on a whim.

I don't have the right cable setup to test the muse with the 840c. my question is do you think i'll get a big sound improvement connecting via the muse or has the technology gotten so much better that I should use the 840c as my transport and Dac al in one?

(other equipment, acuras a150 amp and rl11 premap and genesis genre II speakers.
I suspect the Cambridge will outperform the Muse. It was exceptional in its' day but is now long in the tooth. Of course, only you can decide which you prefer. Be sure you level match to do an accurate comparison.

It depends on what you want and what you taste of musical presentation is. One thing is for sure, the DAC used in the 840C is highly thought off and would offer superior resolution to the old Muse.