Cambridge 840c

Has anyone had a chance to hear the Cambridge Azur840c? What are your opinions on the sound and reliability? Also what other cdps would you recommend hearing in that price range?

I appreciate your thoughts...Thank you!
I haven't heard one but it certainly looks serious. Who would've guessed Cambridge and HK would be the first to use the new chipset?

Hate to see a thread go lonely and I'm curious too.
There's a recent thread on AA regarding theis cdp. Check it out.
What hk model are you referring to?
I checked out AA and it looks to be quite good. My dealer has the Rotel 970 for approx $1000, Jolida tube cdp approx $1250, Rega (cant remember model) approx $1250 and the Cambridge 840c on sale for around $1500. I am usind a Mcintosh c220 as a pre and a Mcintosh MC352 for power.

I realize I should let my ears decide, but demoing is a bit of a hassle. I have to pick them up at closing time and return them when the dealer opens. I don't mind trying a couple, but all four is a bit of a task, the dealer is around a 45 minute drive each way.

Out of these four cdps which would you suggest trying, keeping in mind I have tubes at the preamp?

C'mon at a time!!!

I picked up the 840c today. So far all I can say is when they say "detail", they weren't kidding.
Sorry, can't do the listening for you. I can predict the results from my own biases but not your preferences. I am interested in what you hear.

Coffeey: Forgot the model number but HK doesn't acknowledge using the Anagram upsampler. Check out the Anagram site.
Ngjockey, the unit has been running for about 27 hours now and it gets better and better every hour. I never thought a CDP would make such a dramatic difference. Out of the box it was very forward and even bright at times. Now, with a day or so play time it has lost it's edge and sounds fantastic. I can't wai to hear it in a few more weeks. I was thinking of selling my Tyler PD80s to get something more refined, but not anymore. Also, I ran my DVD into one of the digi ins and have the benefit of using the 840s dacs.(no surround in this room)

For me, the CA and McIntosh synergy is superb. For once I am not thinking of the next upgrade, I'm not sure, but I think I am done.
Happy that worked out. I thought it would be a good match for the Macs. Might have been too neutral for some gear and ears.

Try using the XLR outputs to take full advantage of the differential DACs, if you can.
Hey Nuguy,
I'm very seriously considering buying the CA-840C to audition. It would be for a secondary system in my bedroom. I'm now using a California Audio Labs CL-2500 DVD player as my redbook CD source in this system. I've been looking for a dedicated unit to replace it. I used to own a CA-640C, Ver.II. but sold because the CAL outperformed it.

Are you familiar with the CAL? It's presentation is detailed & forward. I liked the smoothness & bottom of the 640C II but the CAL kills it in detail & presence IMO.

So, I haven't seen a post from you on this thread since 12/17. Is the 840C fully broken in? What can you definitively say about the unit?

My question is "In your opinion, is it worth spending $1375.00 for a unit with impressive credentials (modern day upsampler, etc.) just for auditioning? " I believe the CAL is still a hard one to beat but I'm still looking for something smoother with the CAL's detail & presence but not break the bank.

Thank you for a response!!
Unfortunately I am not familiar with the CAL. What I can tell you is the unit has broken in nicely. The CA840c does have a very smooth sound and it is very detailed. I wish I had more answers for you, but sound is such a personal thing. I would definately recommend a trial and urge you to post back. I would love to here your opinion.
is a more detailed read on my thoughts.
Good luck and have a Happy New Year!!!

Yestrerday I auditioned the 840c with a krell 400xi integrated at a dealer. I have an Sacd Standard on the way (bought through audiogon) but in the meantime I wanted to hear the latest redbook entries in case I have Krell transport problems and/or need to hawk the Standard and pocket the difference for financial reasons. In short, I was surprised to hear the 840c performing so well. I would say it was 90% as good as the Krell. The only areas in which the 840c fell short were in bass weight and definition, and palpability of acoustic instruments. However I should point out that the loudspeakers were Paradigm Studio 20's and 40's, so it's very likely - if reviews are any indication - that higher end speakers would reveal at least some superiority. Possibly ditto for cables/interconnects and/or room acoustics. That better be the case, considering the difference in price tags (over $2K used vs. $1350 new. Next week I may borrow the 840c from the same dealer and do A/B'ing against the SACD Standard. Unless the Standard is distinctly superior over a wide range of recordings (especially as revealed through Sennheiser HD600's), then I may end up with the 840c. I should also point out that in-store auditioning was done using both the 840c's and the Standard's single-ended rca's. My 400xi does balanced, so who knows what switching IC's will do.
Should mention that, even in those very few respects in which the Standard bested the 840c, such besting was modest.
I took the plunge & purchased the Cambridge Audio 840C for my bedroom system (see above 12/28/06 post). It is broken in and I will give my findings. But first, the 840c is connected to my Portal Audio Panache integrated amp by way of a Signal Cable Silver Resolution RCA interconnect (3 ft.). Kimber Kable 8TC speaker cable connect to a pair of Paradigm Studio 20, V.3 bookshelf speakers.
Initially, I did some comparisons to the DVD/CD player it will replace, the California Audio Labs DVD-2500. Then I listened to it alone for an extended period. I preferred the 840C's sound in more respects but the CAL exibited more bass weight & an overall more full bodied sound. That said, the 840C is not far behind in those respects. Even though the 840C is ever so slightly leaner than the CAL the adjectives to describe it's sound are detailed, musical, punchy & open! What you expect from solid state.
The clincher for me is the Anagram Technologies 24/384 upsampler. The detail of the bass guitar is more apparent. I can hear more of the plucking of the string without the loss of tightness & depth. I've never heard the bass like this before. Even after buying & listening to many CD players including the CAL, Cary 308, Classe CD-10 (most musical), MHZS CD66 (Tube), Cambridge Audio 640C, V.2, Meridian 507 (All things equal with concern to cables, amp, etc.) Rock 'n Roll, which I like most, sounds great on the 840C.
I guess there is something to say about the newer upsampling technology.
One more thing to note: Cambridge Audio is listing a 740C CD player on their site. I see it has the Wolfson 8740 DAC in it, like their 640C series. The 840C has the Analog Devices AD1955 DAC. When I owned the 640C, V.2 I remember it having a warmer tonal quality than the 840C but not nearly the detail. I haven't seen the 740C available commercially nor have I heard it but it may be a consideration for those who like the 640C.
As for now, the 840C is staying put in my bedroom system. For the price, it is a great sounding machine that gives me overall tonal balance and, like many high-end machines, displays the sound exactly the way it is on the CD, good or bad.