Cambridge 840a volume ramping

i recently purchased a cambridge audio 840a integrated amp. the default setting on the amp has the volume ramp down to zero when i put it in standby, and then the volume ramps up to the previous volume setting when powered back on. the ramping up and down makes alot of clicking noises as the volume goes down or up (this is normal and apparently is the sound of the 'pots' used to control volume).

i can also set the amp so it doesn't ramp down when put in standby. when powered back up the volume setting is where it was when put in standby, without any ramping down and up.

so, whether i use ramping or not, when i turn the amp back on i arrive at the same place in terms of volume.

finally to my question. why would cambridge audio have these two options for the volume, and why is the default setting the ramping up and down option? i'm assuming this option is somehow desirable since it is the default.

thanks, jeff
It's to stop you blowing your speakers. If a child, for example, turned the volume up while the amp was on stand-by, and you didn't notice, the default setting will return it to a safe level when you it power-up. I have the 840Av2 and override this setting.

The 840A's clicking volume-control got a lot of stick in the reviews but I happen to love it. And I know, if I turn the volume up and can no longer hear the clicking, the music is too loud. Anyway, hope you enjoy your listening.
thanks halcyon48. i didn't realize if i turned the knob while it's in standby mode it would change the volume.

i too overrode the default setting. seems like it'll save on wear and tear too.

i hated the clicking at first but i like it now too, partly for the reason you mentioned.