Cambridge 640A V2 Volume Control Issue

I have a Cambridge Audio 640A V2 integrated amp and was wondering if anyone has the same problem with I have with the volume control. When I increase or decrease volume with the remote, it is very difficult, if not impossible, to get it to the loudness I need. If I just tap the up/down button to make a very small change, it overshoots and I end up getting too much volume, or too little than what than what I need. The best way for me to describe what is happening is to say that the control is sloppy or impercise. Also, when I use the volume wheel, it is very sensitive. It only takes a very small adjustment with the wheel, to get a big change in volume. I welcome any comments from anyone that has used this amp.
What type of loudspeaker you using? A miss match could cause this problem.
I have tried several speakers with this amp. I know that a very efficient speaker could give this type of problem. I had a pair of magnepan 1.6's for about 6-8 months. The problem was still there. This issue is a little difficult to explain in a thread like this but it is one of those things that you see right away if you have your hands on the unit itself and are using. Simply put, it just seems to be a cheap/low cost volume control. Most people seem to like this brand and I have never a complaint like this before. That led me to believe there might be a problem. Otherwise it is a very nice amp. I like it better than some of the more expensive amps that I have had.
I know exactly what you are talking about ... only I have a similar issue with the Outlaw RR2150 receiver. In the case of the Outlaw, it was reported in a number of magazine reviews and the Outlaw forums, so it is no big secret. It gets annoying, especially when I don't feel like getting up and I try tapping the remote, but it gets too loud anyway. Check out this thread , as it mentions the Cambridge Audio about 2/3 of the way down.


FWIW I have the same problem with AMC integrated, it over performs in all other categories. I think it is a combination of cheap(er) volume pots and perhaps a slight mismatch in the output of source with amp. Only way to improve is to get higher end integrated amp or pre + amp, or install Rothwell line attenuators:

How is the sound of your amp otherwise?
Rar1 describes the problem very well. On my cambridge, the remote is useless for volume control. Adjusting it by hand is very difficult. I went and took another look at the amp last night. The volume knob has a little play when you rock it back and forth. About 1/8 to 1/4 inch each way would be my best guess. After that you feel the normal amount of pressure that the knob should have. What makes this problem so difficult is that the play is so loose that the slightest touch moves the knob; and it also adjusts volume within the range of play. Something tells me I may be able to make some type of adjustment. Other people would have complained about this. I need a very small torx wrench that I do not have. I will post back in a day or so with the results. To answer Knownothing's question. Given my own preference for sound quality, I don't think you can do much better for the money. I use it for a 2nd system, and in that context, I like it. I have had 4 integrated amps in my home in the last year or so. I thought it was much better than a Nait51. Compared to a Musical Fidelity A3.5, I like the Cambridge a little better for sound quality but the MF has a lot of power. It would depend more on the system. They sound very different. For my tastes, the Creek 5350SE is a big step up in sound quality. I could go on and say a lot about each of these, but is there is anything specific that you need to know about any of those amps, let me know. You cant go wrong with the 640A V2 (not counting the volume knob). Also, last time I checked Amazon, you can get one new for $400. It lists for $700.

From your last comment - it sounds to me like your problem has more to do with the mechanics of your nob than with the electrical performance of your pot and associated parts. I suggested the Rothwell attenuators because they would reduce the sensitivity of your volume control and give a smaller change in volume for a given rotation of your volume controller. Assuming you do not ever operate your system at full volume - you would probably not notice any negative effect from the increased attenuation other than normal listening occurring at a higher volume setting than before.
I also have the 649a V2 but my volume control doesn't react as badly. It is very sensative w/ the remote, but does require you to hold the button down a little longer than what is intuitive to move the control. At the very low end of the dial it changes volume more quickly. I'm guessing the way the pot's resistance is calibrated it makes uicker adjustments to about 9:00 o'clock and slower after that. I am using 87 db efficiency speakers.

As far as R1g's comments on the quality of sound, and would say it is way above average for the price. It has air and PRaT that matched older Linn gear. The integrated amp that was better sonically in my system was the YBA Design. Its volume control was digital and was very percise but very slow in making adjustments. But it's display was pitaful.