Cambridge 500se vs. Azur 640c?

I currently own a 500se and have enjoyed the sound for the most part. In my system, it has good detail, soundstage and is pretty musical. I'm wondering if the 640c has improved upon those characteristics much? Can anybody detail their impressions of these two British/Chinese players? Or give some feedback on the sound of the 640? Hanx!
The Cambridge Azur 640 is a significant step up from the D500SE.

First, the build quality finally arrives at a place where I am satisfied. The D500SEs that I had were not as well build as my 1987 Pioneer PD5100. The Azur 640 looks like an audiophile player of the current ilk. Much more heft, and fit/finish looks to be as good as its competition.

The sonics of the Azur 640 also REALLY open up. Detail, clarity, refinement all take large steps forward toward the players under $1000.

That being said, the Music Hall MMF25, at $60 more is clearly a superior player in any and all areas. It is the natural choice at this price point over the Cambridge. Still, Cambridge should be applauded for their improvements with this generation of player.
For what it's worth, I sold my 640C in order to purchase a stock Music Hall CD25. The CD25's build quality is amazing for a cdp in its price range. Sonically, though, it could not match the 640C in sweetness and presence. I sold the CD25 and purchased another 640C. I don't know if it's a system synergy thing, the Wolfson DAC in the 640C, or just plain 'ol personal preference. IMHO, the 640C is a better player sonically than the stock CD25.