Cambricge 840v2 vs NAD 372? as interim amp

OK identified two low cost integrateds to use with my Ohm Walsh 2s100s for interim basis, namely Cambridge 840Av2 and NAD 372. Both will allow me to convert them to pre amps later if I want or can be moved to a bedroom system and can be got around $700-1100 with power at 100wrms or better. I listen to lots of jazz, acoustic, female vocals and classic rock, singer songwriter. I have no way to hear either so both are to be bought off the net unheard. Source is Cambridge 740CDP.Anyone familiar and can evalu? Thanks in advance.
I don't think you could lose with either one. I haven't heard the Cambridge 840Av2, per se, but I've heard the 640A fairly extensively and was impressed. Haven't heard the NAD c372, but the Internet is rife with favorable reviews.

I think you should also look at a contender that adds a little twist, and may be more satisfactory when you migrate it to line level use--the Peachtree Audio Nova. It's a little more money, but in the basic neighborhood (about $1200). It has a little less power (80wpc), but it adds some interesting twists--a tube-driven line stage and an excellent built-in upconverting 24/192 DAC. It accepts USB, two toslink, two coax SPDIF digital inputs plus three analog stereo inputs.

I did hear this unit and it was under extraordinary pressure--it was at a high end store's open house to demonstrate the Wadia iTransport and the upcoming Magnepan satellite panels and separate panel woofer. Source was an iPod docked to a Wadia iTransport, plugged into a coax SP/DIF digital input on the Peachtree, which served as a DAC and line stage to tri-amp the Magnepans.

The combo was stunning. This demo would have fallen apart if the Peachtree had been deficient as a DAC or as a line stage. But it had incredible speed, clarity, musicality, extension, and a subterranean noise floor. If anything, the Peachtree's DAC and linestage shined as much as anything I heard that night, which included some *very* expensive gear in other demo rooms.
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Cambricge 840v2 vs NAD 372 - take the Cambridge

Cambricge 840v2 vs new NAD C 375BEE Integrated Amplifier - would be a tougher choice.

Depends on what you like - The Cambridge is going to be a little more dynamic but is very natural and neutral sounding for a mid-level solid state integrated - a noticeable improvement over the first generation 840. The new c 375BEE is going to advance NAD's classic warmth and smoothness, but is closer electronically to their top line M3 integrated in a cheaper box. Pick your preference and you can't go wrong with either of these.
Thx for all the input. I am going to investigate the Peachtree and the new Nad. I live in Hawaii so I cant hear any of these so is a bit of a crapshoot but I figure that if I choose something that has good reviews on a broad basis I shoudl be ok. I am upgrading from very old equipment on the electronics side so anything new and current will be an improvement.
You cannot go wrong on any of these - Peachtree is wonderful as well. I had similar experience as described by Johnnyb53 with their lesser model.

In any case - they all deserve an upgraded power cable - nothing too fancy needed, but would definitely add to your enjoyment. I might suggest something like a new or used Analysis Plus Power Oval 10, Shunyata Diamondback, VH Audio Flavor 4, or even a Signal Cable MagicPower Cord.
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You cannot go wrong on any of these ...
In any case - they all deserve an upgraded power cable - nothing too fancy needed, but would definitely add to your enjoyment.
Another candidate or two: PS Audio PerfectWave AC3 or AC5. I have a few power cables around the house and ended up liking my PS Audio Prelude the best with my switching integrated amp.