CAM 350 vs Omega Ref vs 450 vs Mono vs Omicron

I have heard CAM 200's and liked, but would like more power than that for my Eggleston Andras in my 20 x 25 listening room. Thinking about CAM 350's to try with my Eggleston Andra's. I assume similar sound and performance to the CAM 200's, but have no clue about any sonic or other differences between the CAM's and the Omega Ref, 450, Mono's (110 watt per/channel?), or the Omicron. Has anybody compared any of these to each other?

I currently run McCormack DNA-1 mono blocks upgraded to Rev A+ by Steve McCormack at SMCaudio. I like them, but I am new and want to experiment with other components and do some A/B listening in my home set up. I thought I wanted a good stereo and then leave well enough alone, but have been bitten by the "system" bug and think the stereo is becoming as fun as the music, for now anyway. New hobby :)

Comments on Classe for this post would be appreciated. Thanks, Jim
Jim: I used 350's with my Andras, and they were an excellent match; the Andras demand power and the 350's just put it out. I recommend them highly. However, I had the Andras rebuilt by Eggleston to Andra II's for $2750 plus $500 shipping, and there is nothing a change in amps can ever do which can match this upgrade. More to the point, the II's need no more than 50 watts per channel, so you could get the CAM-200's, which cost $3000 less than the 350's, and be way ahead with no greater expenditure. You should really do this: the change takes about a month round trip, and you will be delighted.
Thanks Mgottlieb,
A very attractive idea. I have been trying to get a listen to a pair of the Andra II's, but have had no luck. I even contemplated driving my speakers to Tennessee to have a listen and leave them there if I like what I hear. TN is a little further than I can swing at this time. I talked to a dealer in NY, but he did not have a pair he would set up and was very interested in upgrading me to the Savoy's – not happening. The dealer in my area refuses to audition them for upgrader's - said so point blank. An Eggleston rep said he would contact me if they were doing a set-up/show anywhere in my area.

I would still be interested in hearing some opinions/experience with the omega series. In a money no object scenario (which mine isn't) and if I upgraded to the more efficient Andra II, I wonder if CAM 350’s, or one of the Omega’s would sound better (subjective) than CAM 200’s. With a money is an object scenario, the speaker upgrade and CAM 200 sounds like it could definitely be a bang for the buck.

Waiting to hear more, and waiting to actually have an opportunity to hear the upgrade. Keep posting.
Really hoping to hear from those who may have listened to the CAM series and the Omega series. I have read lots on individual Classe series, like CA and the differences between CA-300 and CA-301, 400 and 401, etc., but not much comparing CAM with Omega. Thanks in advance.
The Omega series is superior. I would not get the 350s considering quality of your speakers. Get the Omicron or Omega.