Calypso owners - question about muting & start-up

Is there a risk of a spike or DC output if the Calypso preamp is powered off from the standby position, while hooked up to a solid state power amp that is powered up? In other words, if the preamp is in standby and inadvertently turned off (maybe by another family member or housekeeper) before turning off the power amp, is there a risk of damaging the power amp, or does the Calypso mute output in the standby mode so that such damage would be unlikely? Thanks.
Well, the outputs are muted when coming out of standby, so one would think they are muted in standby. Still shouldn't be powering off with amps on though. Kinda hard to inadvertently bump that rear power switch, no?
It is muted in standby mode. Unless it is ready to play, any other time it's muted. I see no risk what so ever.
Perfectionist, I didn't realize the switch was on the back panel, a nice feature and good in my case. Any thoughts in the event of a power outage (like a midwest thunder storm) where everything goes out at the same time? Assuming the preamp is in standby mode, and that it is muted in that condition as Bigtee advises, a power outage should be no more risk than would normally apply for that situation with any equipment, should it? Thanks.
As Bigtee has stated, realistically there is probably no risk powering off the unit while in standby using the rear power switch while amps are powered on. Actually, now that I think about it, I have powered off (volume at zero, mute on) via the remote, and then rear switch (with amps powered on) when experimenting with tubes, and have never had a problem. But if you want to be completely safe, the rule of thumb is amps off first, then preamp. I don't leave my amps powered on 24/7, they just pull too much juice. But my Calypso is always in standby. It's rare that my power goes out, if it does, the pre just comes back up in standby when power is restored. In your above power outage scenario, everything would drop power at the same time. So again, it shouldn't be an issue. The main power switch on the Calypso is located under the IEC socket, which is at the top center rear of the unit. This location makes it very difficult to accidentally bump the switch. Another neat feature is the spare fuse is located in a little compartment within the IEC socket.