Calypso DIY Upgrade

Hello All,

I would like to upgrade my Calypso to Signature or Eclipse but getting these upgrades from Aesthetix is costly. I see a lot of DIY suggestions for the Romulus but not for the Calypso. Any suggestions?



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the Signature is all that you need, unless, you want to spend the extra monies for the further Eclipse upgrade.  There is a very nice difference between the stock Calypso and Signature edition.  Plus, you can tube-roll to taste and presentation.  Happy Listening!

I've heard that the Eclipse upgrades are huge and am tempted to upgrade my Calypso Signature to an Eclipse just to see what all the fuss is about.
I don't think that either response answers the question posted. If i'm not mistaken the OP would like to know of any diy alternatives. Like for example a specific set of resistors to replace or a known technician that knows the upgrades and can do it cheaper.
Thanks  audiogabby, that is exactly what I am looking for.