Calling Vandersteen Treo owners

Simple question.... Are the Treo a big step up over the 2ce sig ii and why. They aren’t an efficient speaker for tubes. RV said I’ll have no issue with my setup. Could always drive the lower end with a different amp. Just curious what others have to say going from 2ce sigs to Treo have to say. I am looking at a set built on 2011 or 2012. Thanks for your input. 
@pstores   I had a pair of the original 2C's in the 80's then traded up to the Model 3's then 3A's then 3A Signatures.  I then traded up to the Treo CT about 17 months ago.  In a nutshell, the Model 2 and 3's particularly the Signatures are very musical speakers and I enjoyed mine for decades!  Once I did my homework on the Treo CT, I had to have them.  I knew what Richard was able to accomplish with the structure of the 2's and 3's and had no trouble imagining what he could do once he freed himself from the "socks".  That plus the newly realized drivers, crossover and cabinet in a cabinet construction made the Treo's irresistible. 

I'll pick one adjective to differentiate the "sock" speakers from the Treo's.  Refinement!  Rather than music that sounds like a finely reproduced facsimile of the performance, the Treo's take you right there to the venue where the music was created.  It is beguiling!  Once you've heard it in your space there is no going back.  As far as bass is concerned, the Treo's go deep enough but I already had two 2wq subwoofers so I had no need for the considerably more expensive Quatros!  Lucky🍀 me.

I’ve heard the CT’s are nice. These are the non Ct version though. I do appreciate the feedback though. Not to many CT’s on the used market quiet yet. Lol..
There were just 2 pairs of Treo CTs for sale here, one for $5600 and only a year old. I watched them for the whole time listed, drooling. I wanted them so much! I am surprised they lasted so long... great price.
The current 2 is not “ your Dad’s Oldsmobile “, there are zero common components with the original and like most Vandersteen products under almost continual refinement and improvements- I was chatting w Richard the other day and he was excited about a relatively simple change that makes the Treo and up sound better that could be implemented on the 2, so he was working on that..
now, having said that and owning Treo CT in a second system, they are different beasts.
clearly cabinet within cabinet strips away a layer of coloration. The grill design allows closer to wall placement. Port fires down for hyper consistent coupling with room, there is more money to spend on components at this price point. A very very musical and non fatigue speaker - I can and do listen for hours. While we live in a condo, reasonable levels can be attained with 40 wpc NAIM integrated amp, lil Mulekicker of am amp! But I also have 100 wpc RM-9 with KT-88 using 2 ohm taps and light loading sounds off the charts good....
my reference system has the 7 speakers and amps, the Treo share much of same DNA and All the fundamentals of the Vandersteen signature design principles.
reach out if I can help
IF you find yourself in San Diego, stop by for a listen - several Audiogon members have :-)
I owned the 3a sigs and then bought the Treo non-CT's.
There is a definite improvement in sound quality when you move to the newer models. Plus, they also look nicer.
If I recall correctly, you own an Atma M-60.
The Treo's are rated 40wpc at the low end, so you should be good to go.
Especially if you add a Vandy sub or two- which will relieve the amp from all the heavy bass energy.
Thanks for all your input. I could end up in San Diego for a visit with family. I’ll take you up on that. Thanks a ton. Bob,
   I have upgraded to the MA-1 with power boost, Vcaps and Caddock resistors. Got them to the 3.3 version.... they really are a beautiful amp. Long chassis with lots of bling. They sound as well as they look. There is a set of 2012 for sale and I haven’t heard back on the shipping cost yet. I could save longer for the CT’s. Seems people really love them. Ummmmm
Just look for a used pair of model 5s or 5As.  They are probably in the same price range anyway.
@pstores please do visit ! Plan in advance as I split time here and Seattle. IF you make it to Seattle, you can hear the 7 and ruin your 409K
seriously, I think Johnny R has some used Treo CT from owners who upgraded to Quattro or higher - give him a shout.
Also, Audiogon guest here tonight got to hear Lordes - Royals on the 40 wpc NAIM.... pretty freaking awesome IMO

it would have made my Quad ESL-63 puke....
Recently sold my Treo CT's with the help of Johnny at Audio Connection after upgrading to Quatro CTs.  I really enjoyed the Treo but the upgrade bug and dual subs in the the Quatro's were calling for me.

The Treo's are great speakers but definitely were a gateway for me to get into the higher Vandersteen lines!
Sort of off topic here, but I was saddened when Richard stopped offering the 5A loudspeakers.  I bought a pair about 10 years ago, and marvel nearly every day at how wonderful they are.  I got them, of course, from the great Mr. Rutan, who I speak with often.  
And as a bonus, I am now driving them with a Music Reference RM9SE amp, with an RM5 preamp.  Once I learned that the late great (RIP) Roger died I had to purchase one of the three remaining masterpiece amplifiers he made.  
@repulso love it as I did similar and went out and found a minty RM-9 mk1 with KT-88 for my Treo
Richard and Roger shared a lot of mutual respect for each other and the RM-9 was voiced on the 2 and as many know Roger was one of the initial East Coast Vandy dealers only VA.

the reality is the 5a cabinet was extraordinary expensive to build and did not out perform the cabinet within cabinet design for resonance control. The push pull bass driver is of course incredible and does eclipse the Quatros ( iMO ) but not the new Kento.

the bottom line is enjoy the music !!!!

good on ya !!!!
I love the comment about Treo as a gateway Vandersteen drug.... I will lay that on RV next time we talk..,,

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I have the 2ce sig II in a heavily treated listening room and am very happy with them.
Before adding bass traps the lows were lacking in depth and clarity, but now they're clear and more controlled than most sub setups I've heard.

The only thing I'd want to improve now are male vocals (female vocals sound great). They lack some clarity, it feels as if the singer is a little further away and that there's a thin cloth between him and the mic.
Are the Treos any better in this regard, or is this something that comes along with a 1st order crossover design?

@tomic601 It's been two months since you've mentioned a "relatively simple change that makes the Treo and up sound better that could be implemented on the 2", could you shed some light on that?
I'd be very interested in simple upgrades to my 2s since these days costs for significant upgrades are through the roof :) Even the Treos cost $9k new.
6’2” and 58 and not shrinking... post quarantine I may be a 3xl

@andrewtgt Treo and up use a direct on circuit board connection to crossover - no wire from inputs to board - just heavy traces. A conversation with RV recommended as I don’t know how easy a retrofit might be. Nice to hear your 2’s are singing well. What is referenced track w male vocal that is troubling- I will give a listen w Treo.

as an update, I spoke with RV yesterday- factory is shut down but he continues to work every day on new product development- the guy is tireless in quest for better sound :-)

hipe this finds everybody well

Though they are rare to come by, a used pair of Treo-non CT's are around $4K.
I owned the 3a sigs, and bought the Treo's (from Ctsooner). And, boy was I glad I did. The Treo's are more refined than the 3's, and they look better, too.
If you could swing another grand, and have the room (I don't), I would consider getting a pair of Quatro's. That would give you the integrated/equalized subs. Which saves you buying a pair of Vandy subs, like I did.