Calling Vandersteen Subwoofer Users

I have a pair of 2Wqs that I absolutely love. There is a small amount of low frequency hum in my system, though. When I plugged in my components to a PS Audio Quintet, the hum was vastly reduced. So I was thinking that I should plug my 2Wqs into something similar. I think that, since the subs are connected to my amp, that power filtering for them might reduce the hum in my system even more. Can I plug the pair of 2Wqs into one PS Audio Duet without compromising performance? All replies appreciated.
Make sure the whole system is on the Same Phase leg
if this is hard to understand
Just take one power strip plug it in to one ac outlet and plus the (( whole system Everything)) into the strip to see if the hum is gone. If you have Cable TV in the system indirectly connected then disconnect the Cable TV at the wall and let us know what happens.
Are you suggesting that as a permanent solution - one power strip for the whole system? Wouldn't I be limiting the amount of AC power for all the amplifiers, RPTV, etc.? Or did you mean to try this temporarily to see if the hum goes away?
try this temporarily to see if the hum goes away
then we can get it sorted
Best Johnnyr
If the AC cord is removable, take a cheap AC cord and break off the ground pin and try it...
I have a McCormack DNA-1 and two 2wq subs pugged into one Duet with very good results. The rest of the system receives its power from a PPP.

Go for it!!
Howd ya make out with the power strip with the whole system?
and Dont break off any grounds..
I won't break off any grounds, John. Haven't had any time to work on the system. Hope to try it out over the holiday. I will keep posting. Thanks.
How'd this work out, I'm having a similar problem with my 2Wq's picking up a slight hum? The rest of the system is dead quite though.
Did you try all of the above?
I will assume yes
The Grado unshielded cartriges can hum in a Rega table
more so when cart is over the moter.
You can also try a ground wire from your pre amp to the 2WQs ground post
best johnnyr
Sorry for the late reply was away for the weekend. Yes I tried all the above before but haven't had the opportunity to try the ground wire yet. Will try before the weekend though. My system is dead quite until I plug in one or both 2Wq's.
I guess I need to update my profile. I now have a VPI HW-19 Mk IV. And the hum was still there before I hooked up the phono amp. Also on the same note I never experienced the Grado hum with my Rega.
Thanks for the input and will post my finding.
well, becasue of the layout of my system, and the number of components already plugged into the Quintet, I don't think I will be able to test things out the way John has suggested. At some point, I will try to borrow a Duet or two and try them out.
Greetings Bonmapp
you dont need to borrow a duet
just plug everything into even a cheap hedgeclipper extension cord with a few extra outlets to be on the same phase leg.......... Try a basic ground wire from pre amp chassis ground to Subs ground lug
Ig316b are you sure you havent been ordering from web jockies? sorry to be the messenger again
Grados and VPIs also hum together.
Best Johnnyr

Thanks John. That I can manage! Will try it soon and report back.
John Thank You for the advise.
Sorry to have taken so long to report back, got a little busy over the past two weeks. Was able to get all the testing done and the 2Wq's are still humming. Good news is the Grado/VPI are not the source, with it completely disconnected (power and interconnects), the hum is still there. Tried connecting everything to the same phase leg, with and without a ground wire and the hum seemed to get worse, the ground wire didn't help at all. Disconnected all components to see if any were causing the problem, found a worse ground loop when the AVR was connected, was able to correct that but with the AVR disconnected the front speakers were dead quite, connected the 2Wq's and the subs started to hum. Funny part is they are not as loud up close as they are when the two combine between the speakers. Good thing is you can't hear it while the music is playing. Guess this is something I'll have to live for a little bit. Anyone have any more suggestions.
If you have a cable box in your system disconnect it. That's where I've found my problems before.
what brand? and do you have Pre amp out and main In?
Bhaaf good advise disconnect the CATV as well
I guess I need to update my system on here, its way over due.
The AVR is a Denon AVR-4308 and the preamp is a McCormack TLC-1 Deluxe with SMc Audio Ultra upgrades. The amp is a McCormack DNA-1 Deluxe with Gold upgrades and Jensen input transformers,soon to be replaced with McCormack 0.5 Ultra Plus monoblocks. Their in the shop now. I route the AVR thru the TLC, and just turn the TLC volume all the way up. The TLC has a Shallco step attenuator for the volume control. I just turn the volume down when I want to listen to a CD or turntable.
The AVR nor the cable box are the source, with them disconnected from the TLC the hum is still there (the cable box routes thru the AVR). There is no hum in the 3A Signatures just the 2Wq's.
John, does Mr. Vandersteen still recommend the 2Wq's if your using the 3A's in a home theater set up?

I hope the OP doesn't mind me contributing to his thread since we both seem to have the same problem.
This is starting to make sense
First try unpluging any inputs into the 2WQs and see if you have hum.
If the hum is gone without anything pluged into the subs you have a ground loop in the system
Passive pre amps can have a high output imp this could be the source
you can try to ground the shell of the passive pre amp to the subs ground lug with a simple ground wire
Please let me know how you made out.
Cheers Johnnyr
Thanks Johnny
With nothing connected to the 2Wq's there is still a hum. I even went so far as to move the 2Wq's to the other side of the house (one at a time) and connect them there and there was still a hum.

And for what its worth I tried ground wires to the preamp shell with no results.

Also the TLC was converted to a buffered preamp with the Ultra upgrades. Not sure it that makes a difference.