Calling Thiel Owners: MC501s to drive CS3.7?

I'm looking for new speakers and am considering the new CS3.7

I have been running B&W N803s driven by McIntosh MC501 monoblocks (with BAT VK-20 preamp/VKD5SE CDP) and am looking for something with better soundstaging WITHOUT straying too far toward the audiophile-clinical detail obsessive camp.

The last time I listened to Thiels was many years ago and
vaguely remember them being a little "sterile" sounding?
I am thinking the warmer nature of the BAT/MAC components would tame what I would consider any "sterile" nature...if such exists with the 3.7?

I am confident the monoblocks are up to meeting the current demand of this speaker but at the same time I'm curious to know if the low frequency range of the 3.7 will match or best my 803s?

I mainly listen to acoustic jazz, fusion & blues but am quickly warming up to classical...and even opera! (yikes)

Any thoughts from thiel owners would be greatly appreciated!
I always used cj electronics with my 3.6's and I never thought of the Thiels as being sterile. They always projected a deep wide soundstage and were very musical with copious amounts of timbre around the instruments. The hall mark of cj.


I think the reason I have that impression is they were run off the first generation Classe monoblocks (which were quite bland compared to Mac to my ears) & the source was a mid line Rotel CDP.
Take a look at the Spectron Musician III SE MK2. It a very musical amp combining the audio quality of tube like (not tube though) mid and highs and SS tighness and richness of bass. It can drive anything down to .1 ohm and has 600 watts@8ohms and 1200 watts@4ohms. I am very happy with mine driving a pair of 803D B&W's.
I heard the 3.7s with the 402 and thought it was good. I would think the 501s would be even better.
For me, that would be an excellent match. My 3.6's and 501's are very nice!
Thanks Guys! I'm getting a pair of CS7.2s instead