Calling on Linar Audio owners...

What made you buy the Linar product you have (please indicate model) and what did you favorably compare it to? I am the very proud and happy owner of a Linar 10 and I bought it after listening to the following:
Bryston 9BSST
Anthem A5
Arcam AVR3000
Cary Cinema
Audio Refinement Multi 5
Classe CAV 180

Also, what speakers and cables do you use that you have found to be the "perfect" match?
Received via e-mail:

I have had a number of different Linar Audio amplifiers over the last 4 years. The first amp I owned was the original Linar 250. I bought the amp and the matching preamp. Since that time, I have had each version of the Linar 250, the preamp and now the new Linar 10 (which is my personal favourite). Prior to purchasing the Linar amp, listened to a number of different amps including Bryston, Classe, Musical Fidelity, Naim, BAT, Levinson, and Linn. While some sounded as good as the Linar, their costs was multiples of the Linar's cost.

I have heard the Linar amps drive a nubmer of different speakers, including Maggies, B&W 801's, Totem Shamans, Reference 3A, Gershman, Alon, and Sonus Faber Amatis and Grand Pianos. The amp sounded great in every case. The only one where it was under powerd was on the Huge Totem
Shaman where I ended up using the Linar amp as well as a Mark Levinson amp.

In terms of cables, the best match I have found is Acoustic Zen.
Got Linar class A 2X50W, using Acoustic Zen Satori bi-wire, driving PMC-FB1+.
Pre-amp is Linar II.
Source is all kind of transports into MF X-DAC V3 with X-PSU.
What made me buy it?
Soundstage, deep one, sound that is never harsh, utter musicality.
But it sounds amazing with literally any speaker cables.