calling former B+W 802D owners

I was thinking of buying a pair of 802D but noticed there have been a ton of these things sold second hand. Why did you sell and what did you go to? Thanks for your input.
They are selling so many because over a year ago there was a special employee purchase price. They had to keep them for a year and now they are able to sell.

I just bought a pair and am glad I did. As I am sure you have noticed, whatever the make of the speaker, there are strong opinions. If you like them, as I did, buy them. If you can snag a bargain, all the better. Enjoy!
I don't know about Drken's explaination, but I sold mine simply because I didn't feel I was getting $12k of performance---the short version. I recall moments of magic when hearing the 803D's at my local dealer, magic I never duplicated at home. I tried various amps, including: Classe CA2200, Musical Fidelity kW500 integrated, McIntosh MA2275 integrated and McIntosh MC402.

There are others on here that to claim to be making wonderful music; I am not going to doubt it, they must have hit upon something I didn't and/or have a better room for them.

Keep in mind that B&W sells a lot of speakers, so the more you sell, the more chances of them being available on the used market.

I switched to Wilson WATT/Puppy 7's.