Calling for inputs on Oritek X-2

I am currently using Oritek X-1b and very happy with it. I am thinking about move up to X-2b. Is the difference in pirce justified? I have a SS system and I used Oritek from source to preamp. Thanks.
I am using the X-2 and heard them both. The X-2 is more musically relaxed with a sweeter top-end and firmer bass response if this fits your system. Overall the X-2 can be described as more musical with better detail but since each system demands different flavors you must simply try it out.
Thanks. Did you buy new and how much you paid for it?
Okay, this may be apples and oranges because my system is tubed, not solid state, but here goes anyway.

You know everything you like about the X-1? The detail, soundstaging, bass response and the fact that it seems to bring out the best in your other cables? Well, the X-2 is the same in spades. Worth the price difference, that's up to you. I have all Oritek X-1 except between my preamp and amp, which is an X-2. I never regretted the upgrade.

I hope this was of some help.
As I remember it, the X-2's speed was what I liked over the X-1's. I just recently heard the X-1's used as a digital cable, and speed was not an issue. Note: These were not used in balanced configuration. I also think that the X-2's lacked a grain or a boundary that the X-1's had(a good thing!).
I preferred the X-2 to the X-1. As previously mentioned bass was more improved and I felt the sound stage was larger and the imaging was defined a bit better as well.
Is Oritek still around?