Calling BMC MCCI owners

Hi all,

I recently acquired the amazing MCCI. Unfortunately my Benz LP-S is not a very good match due to high internal impedance. I have read the Fremmer review and cart recommendations but wanted to know what you guys were using and how you wee getting on?

Hi Cheers
I also have a BMC. When I bought it I had to "sacrifice"my Benz LP-S and sent my Kimber AKG cable to be transformed into a balanced one. I bought a Lyra Titan and I am really happy with it. The rest of the system is composed by a Sota Cosmos IV and an SME V. The MCCI goes balanced (AQuest Sky) to a Mc Intosh C2300 preamp.
The sound is gorgeous, a little bit biased towards the sharp side. No sweetness added.
Regards, Ricardo.
Hi Ricardo,

Funny you should write that as I have also got a Benz LP-S and need to change it due to the poor compatibility. Did you ever listen with the Benz? Thinking of one of the Lyras also.

I have the MCCI and run a Van Den Hul Frog Gold. I think it sounds great. Of course, the lower the internal impedance of a cartridge, the better the MCCI will sound.