Calling BAT amp/preamp owner

First of all, my set up is vk75se, vk50se, krell kav300cd, and sf grand piano. I just notice yesterday (I didn't really pay attention to this before) that my system produces quite loud popping noise(static?) from speakers when I mute or turn the volume to zero. I am wondering if my fella bat owners experience this too. I tried to pin point the problem but got some mixed results. First, I suspected a bad driver tube, because the popping noise appears on the same side as the bad tube is (I swapped tubes left to right vice versa), but when I use my Krell HTS preamp, this popping noise is not there when I mute/turn down vol to zero. Which mean the driver tube is ok. I'm confuse...
It is probably from your vk50se. Mine have the same popping noise from both channels but they are not loud. I talked to Victor at BAT about that and he told me it is normal to have a little noise when changing inputs or turning the volume. But if the noise gets louder over time than I should send it in for him to take a look.
Ditto for me. I have a vk60 and vk50se. It's very noticable, but not loud enought to damage a speaker imo. I've heard about this from others as well.
I had the same problem with my 150SE/50SE set up. Not so much a problem with noise when the volume control was used but I would hear a loud "pop" from one speaker whenever the mute button was hit or a source change button was used on the preamp.

My problem was resolved by replacing a 6H30 tube in one of the power amps. Now there is no pop or audiblle noise from my system when either the mute or any of the input buttons are engaged.

It looks like you may have tried this already. But if you have any spare 6H30's available, I'd try replacing them in the 75SE and see what happens.
Thanks Sidssp, Jfrech, Tenniswino for the inputs. In that case, I'll try replacing my 6H30 tubes with new ones. Do you think any other tubes may play role in this too?
I once went to a dealer who was quite enthusiastic about the BAT gear. Had whole room set up with their entire line. Each and every system had superfluous noise, especially the pre-amps. Every time I made adjustments in volume or source selection there was hissing, pops and crackles. When I mentioned it to the dealer, he responded with "so what, listen through it, isn't it wonderful". I know people really like their stuff and seem to really appreciate the build quality. Maybe I just had a one time really bad experience, but all the other equipment there was free from these quirks. As for me , no thanks.

I am not sure it is the tubes. I suggest you discuss it with Victor. Victor is great to deal with. he will answer every question you send in.
Heeengky - Drop me an e-mail and let me know how you make out. I agree with Unsound in that I would not be very happy with BAT if I were unable to resolve the problem. For me however, the problem was resolved with a simple tube replacement. I hope you fare as well.
Thanks. Tenniswino, I'll update you with the outcome.
Hello, I just replaced both 6H30 tubes with the new ones(sovtek) and Tenniswino is right, that seems to solve the problem. No more loud pops when muted. Thanks guys.
OK, guys, I've never heard ANY noise on muting, on/off, input change, etc, from VK3i. However, now I have a rythymic, low volume "ping" when unit is powered on, with no input. Not present when its muted. Sounds fantastic, no way it could be heard even with lowest level of gain when listening to a source. Any ideas?

Thanks for sharing your results. It looks like I should retube my vk50se. How does the sovek tube sound compare to the NOS from BAT?