Calling all Sota fans.

Mark Dohmann made a comment that if he was to buy a turntable for $20000 he said it would be a Sota, so is this table a great buy and is he right on his comment? There are so many tables out there, direct drive, belt drive ect, that sound great to many so why is the Sota in the same ball park as Techdas, Technics, Kuzma, TW Acustic and others, is it really as good as the other big guns with the right arm?
Don’t you think that when Doehmann finally develops a vacuum hold down system, he will add $20,000 to the price? I do. You are probably looking at a $90,000 turntable with vacuum. By the way, when my friend decided to sell his helix, I could’ve purchased it for $25 or $30,000, but I declined, because I am quite happy with what I have.
Jay, where do you live? There’s a train coming through any minute now. Pop your fave LP on the old Cosmos and tell us how it all works.
Hi Lewn:
May I ask what turntable replaced the Dohmann in your friend's system?
Lewm the Chattanooga choo choo just rolled through…no problem but of course having a cement floor and cement pedestal doesn’t hurt 😎
My friend with the Doehmann sold it in favor of a major downsizing to his system, associated with moving to a smaller domicile.  He now uses hi-rez digital streaming exclusively.  Sold all his LPs, too, and gave me a few for free.  So in essence, nothing replaced the Doehmann.  This was a year or two ago.  Since then he bought a bigger house (now 40 miles away from me, in Baltimore) and seems to be sniffing around for a return to vinyl.  It's a long story, but I will respect his privacy.

Can't beat a cement floor; I agree, laid on bare earth.