Calling all Proceed AVP 2 owners..please advise

Guys..just trying again to see if I cen get some feedback on whether the upgrade I have on order(with no sign of being filled yet I might add)is worth it.....2 channel priority with arcam transport feeding it but also interested in surround differences experienced...its $5000 aud so no chickenfeed..but just about everything is expensive here...thanks

I found the upgrade to be a definite improvement in
2 channel performance. I frontend the transport (PMDT)
with a Meridian 518 and now set it to 24 bit to feed
the new DACs. Sounds great. Seems alot more crisp
with finer detail, yet still smooth. The AVP was
very smooth, maybe a bit too much however. The additional
surround modes seem useful, although I don't use them for
2 channel listening. I haven't played with the crossover
points yet. Again, I don't use the sub in 2 channel either.
Let's hope for continued "trickle down" from the #40
Console, what this platform is supposed to be based upon.
By the way, the HDCD addition was nice as well.
I'd like to think we'll see more trickle down from the No. 40, but with Harmon dropping the Proceed line, I'd be awfully surprised if we see any more upgrades to the AVP. Too's a great unit.
Rsuminsby thanks for your response to my enquiry on an earlier thread....I only now came across it and I thankyou for your observations...I wonder if this same bug has affected all the upgrades...I noticed another thread earlier with a guy complaining of problems with dd and dts ...sounds like you are very dubious of the north american sales director on the earlier thread who promised that software updates to the ml would be available to the avp 2? cheers
Thanks joemt as well for your thoughts....can I ask you both whether you noticed more bass with the avp2..Ive felt that the avp is a little bass shy...although at least in digital mode I have wondered whether it may be a malady connected to my Pioneer Elite 47a which compared to my old Toshiba really has not impressed me

The "quality" of the bass has increased in the
jump from AVP to AVP2 in my case. I never felt the
AVP really lacked in bass. The new setup produces
a tighter bass response in my opinion. I've yet to
reach my final configuration, did I say final?
I still want to get my vandersteen subs integrated
in. I had them hooked up in a single config, but want
to move to the Number 5 crossover, balanced. Then
everything will be adjustable. Thin sounding cd's,
no problem, add some gain on the sub. Heavy miked
cd's on acoustic bass, turn 'em down a bit.
Can't wait.....

Joe T.
If you still want input, here goes... I had an all Proceed system, including paying $3000 for the AVP2 upgrade. After I got word that Proceed was being discontinued (yeah, still there, but "new" Levinson)I got upset and sold my AVP2 and PMDT transport. I suffered through Proceed's learning curve, but when the stuff worked properly it was a great performer. Now I have the new Lexicon gear and I love it. Contact me for more info on that stuff. Good luck.

Joe Dudley
I am in same boat. I have avp2&pmdt thinking about lexicon maybe trade in deal with lexicon. talked to them&they said proceed was a dead issue. avp&hpas not into ml line. having problem now with pmdt they said problably would not be able to fix it,they wont be doing any more software up dates on any proceed stuff or fix any so called glitches on iam a little leary with same company.what kind of lexicon stuff have and how does it sound to proceed.
Can someone out there provide all of us Proceed owners the scoop on Harmon fixing Proceed products, and the now classic series of Mark Levinson components? There is a lot of both on Audiogon and the goners need advice. If you know of the situation please let us know.
Had a conversation with Richard at Harmon today (came over from Madrigal). They are repairing Proceed but will not be upgrading or writing new software. So much for getting up-to-date laser technology that will handle DVD-R's or some of the newly authored DVD's that won't play on my PMDT but work fine on my son's $50 Koss. Was waiting loyaly & patiently for DVD-A et cetera. Now the question is whether or not to take advantage of one of the last AVP2 upgrades available out there.
As an AVP2 owner I think we should hold them to their word. They promised us THX Ultra2, DTS NEO:6, and DTS 96/24 decoding amongst things. Any thoughts on writing the CEO of Harmon International?
That's worth a shot. I just did one of the last AVP2 upgrades out there, so I'm still appreciating it. I would like to get a shot or 2 in for my PMDT. I paid $6k for a unit that acts like a hunk of crap too often. I'm at the point where I'm hoping for some talented 3rd party to come along & support Proceed stuff. I think the units are worthy & there's enough of them out there. Anyway, count me in on any action.
If Harman can not see its way to do some final fix or support for PMDT owners why would anyone buy Lexicon pieces. It is the same company with the same people making the ultimate marketing decisions. Will these brands be supported as Proceed was? In my mind this company has a very short window of opportunity to turn around a serious marketing problem. After that a rather large number of affluent and disgruntled customers will make themselves heard in the marketplace in a number of ways. Forums such as this where prospective buyers search for high end products will reflect the customer dissatisfaction. On a much deeper level I would have serious talks with local dealers about harmon products.
Since I like many others here are consulted by any number of people the negative word of mouth feedback would cause some serious issues. Finally I wouldn't be surprised if someone didn't consider a class action to address the many promises made by the company which have not been met. I know I purchased these products with some very public promises of upgradability and support that have not been met and if the company had no real plan in place to meet these promises there are legal issues involved. The rather negative impact of such litigation is incalculable. I don't think I would want to go in such a direction, but others might. Some simple customer support in short order would do a lot to remedy these issues and would stop the question "Why buy any Harmon products if you can't trust there functionality or promises of support?"