Calling all Pink Floyd fans

I recently saw the new 30th Anniversary Dark Side of the Moon LP in a music store. On the back it said "Made in Holland". Is this the LP that was reissued by Kevin Gray at Acoustech? How does this LP stack up against the other copies such as Mofi, Japanese, British, and EMI reissues?
Slowhand-I havent heard the vinyl re-issue.
I have read it sounds very good to some and not so good to others.
There seems to be a quality control issue also.
Some have mentioned surface noise esp.ticks.

Im a analog guy but I bought the SACD and it sounds great! No tics either :~)
Is Dark Side Of The Moon really a Pink Floyd fans' issue? That ongoing selfquoting mediocre opus in comparison with earlier releases like "Saucerful Of Secrets" or later ones like "The Final Cut"?
No offence, but I find it rather boring to have this hype about a re-re-re-re issue in whatever high resolution format of a few interesting gimmicks - interesting in their time, that is. " so they say is the root of all evil today"
Alda-Maybe DSOTM isnt for you and bores you.
It still tingles my spine after 30 years.
If I have to pay $11 for the newest mastering and SACD at that,its very worth it to me.
I have an original vinyl pressing and they both sound terrific.No noise with the SACD though.
I find "Floyds" oldest stuff with Barrett boring.My opinon only of course.
For Floyd Fans that want to hear some different stuff try Danid Gilmore \David Gilmore
Richard Wrights-Wet Dreams
Roger Waters-Amused to Death

Those are my favorite Solo works they did I feel and I think I have heard most all of them. I listen to those more than my Floyd collection.

"Learning To Fly"out of all the floyd stuff I have that is the worst recording I think I have. All their regular stuff I have in Remasterd's,but not that one.

Hope that helps!

Eeerie1 - You need to get a SACD player so you can hear *The Police* "Every Breath You Take" SACD!!

I've been trying to decide what to get next (in a few months when I can afford it... sort of). I can either get a vinyl rig or an sacd player... this is only making things harder!
David, were you really that impressed with the Police "Every breath you take" SACD. I bought it a few weeks ago, listened to it a few times and put it away. I liked the DSOTM SACD better!
Man! I went to see Pink Floyd in around '71...sometime after the 'Meddle' LP came out. Got too stoned and slept thru the whole thing in my girlfriends lap! I don't remember a freakin' thing....doh!
The ultimate 'I got stoned and I missed it'!
Nrchy-Is the music of the Police you dont care for or the recording?
I find the Police recording cleaner with gobs of detail with out sounding bright.
I like the recording of DSOTM also but its not as good as the Police.
I prefer Floyds music over the Police for what its worth.
Sleeping through Floyd! Man what a bummer!

I wish I had seen Darkside,but I think the Wall was the pinnacle of their success. The concert is still better rememberd than the Album.

I hardly listen to Floyd anymore,but I still listen to their SOlo CD's.

Amused to Death
Wet Dream-Richard Wright
David Gilmore-David Gilmore

all are more classics to me than Floyd! Maybe I am just getting older.
Anybody notice tiny cracks on the spindle hole of the SACD? I wouldn't bring it up, but mine has them and so does the copy purchased by a friend...