Calling All Phish Fans

Can anyone help me to learn more about Phish?

While wandering through a record store recently, I was really grabbed by the music playing in the background -- and surprised to find out from the store "DJ" that he was playing Phish -- something from a double album perhaps?

It has now faded from my memory a bit, but I thought it sounded get up out of my chair catchy and rythmic and layered -- less stonerish and Grateful Dead esque than I would have expected. (Not that I have anything against either of those subjects.)

To further pique my interest, a friend of mine (although he is not an audiophile) recently told me that he thought the best demo for a great stereo system was anything by Phish?!?!

Does anyone else agree that Phish is a good audiophile demo?
And where should I begin? Is there a classic Phish track or CD that will quickly get me up the learning curve? Are any better recordings than the others?

Thank you very much.
I've been seeing Phish live since 1989, and think they are one of the most talented and inventive groups of musicians I've ever heard. As far as they're albums go, I'd recommend Junta, their first album as a very natural sounding, minimally processed recording. They also began a while ago to release live shows on CD, a la Dick's Pick's series by the Grateful Dead. They also are getting back together this fall after a two year hiatus, playing New Years at Madison Square Garden, and some shows at Hampton Coliseum in Virginia. Those shows will be nearly impossible to get tickets for, but I'm sure they'll go on a normal tour later in the year. Definitely see them live, that's what it's all about! To order recordings go to their website or your local record store. Happy Phishing!

I agree with everything that Jon has already said about Phish. Their first album, a double album called Junta, is the most natural sounding of all of the Phish albums. When I first saw them 10 years ago they used to sell it at their concerts. Listen to Fluffhead, Fee, and You Enjoy Myself off of the Junta albums for audiophile like quality. I believe that their greatest album is Rift. It is not only a truly brilliant album, it is also well recorded. In my opinion the entire album is an audiophile demo track. Also check out the self titled solo album by Phish guitarist and vocalist Trey Anastasio. An excellent album that is also well recorded. I believe that the audiophile track off of that album is Flock of Words.

Their excellent studio work does not compare with their amazing live shows. A great live band. I will find a way to be at the New Years Eve show. They used to cover other artists albums at their New Years Eve shows. I remember a few years ago when they did the entire Beatle's White Album for their New Years Eve concert.

Good luck in exploring this great band and have some phun.

"Picture of Necter" was the first Phish album I ever heard, back in '91 I believe. The sonics floored me on this album as much as the music! Been a fan ever since.
at the prompting of this thread, i dug out junta this evening. i had forgotten how good this pair of discs was, and now that i have a decent system capable of resolving an image and soundstage of believable proportions ( as opposed to a boombox upon which i would listen in my high school days) i can better appreciate my younger days when psychotropic organics compensated for the live event (not that they hurt or detracted from the live event, but...)
extremely enjoyable listening, nice trip to say the least
gotta go, rift is next in my phish flashback

Been to tons of Phish shows....
All albums are good...
A great live album "Slip Stich and Pass" Check that one out...
The shows where they covered entire albums as a third set were Halloween shows, not New Years. The next 4 Live Phish discs about to come out are those four Halloween shows in their entirety.
Dear All --

Finally got Junta and I am now a certified Phish Head!!

A very nice recording and they really draw from a fascinatingly wide range of musical styles.

Much better than I expected so thanks very much!! Any votes for best track from Junta?

contact me through e-mail if you are interested in exploring the live Phish experience. I have been making live concert tapes of the band since 1994 and have many hours of very nice live recordings, all made with high end location recording equipment.