Calling all Musicians out there

Audiogon is such a great specialty site that I was wondering if there is such a site for musicians to share their knowledge of musical instruments and also to advertise or trade equipment. I know there is Ebay for advertising but that can be a disaster area and forums such as this are quite fun and give a chance to get avoid certain pieces. Thanks for your help with this.
I think the closet thing to Audiogon for musicians is Harmony_Central.Com. The site is primarily slanted to guitar oriented interests. I have bought and sold guitars in their advertising section with very good results. I think that a more serious, less flakey crowd is found there compared to Ebay. Best of all, the ads are free (at least the last time I used them.) There is an owner review section for intruments that has been a wellspring of good advice for potential purchases.
For bass players, there's "" which is a great community, and also provides classifieds.

Harmony Central ( has a number of musician forums, but I believe there are better ones out there. It might be a good place to start your search.
Yup, Harmony-Central is ok if yoy play acoustic or electric guitars, bass or drums. Some of the forums are fairly off-topic at this point but there are also a few good ones like the acoustic guitar and live sound forums. Lots of review resources and classifieds though. There are quite a few musician forums out there for pretty much any kind of instrument. Just google around.