calling all headphone gurus

I need to add "privacy" to my hifi experience in order to not disturb others around me.

I understand I can accomplish this in at least a few ways I already know about (CD player and/or amp with built-in phone jack). But, none of my current pieces have this capability. So, what do I need to do? Can an outboard headphone amp be "added" to my integrated amp and /or pre/amp combo, or do I need to sell my current amplification gear and swap out for an amp that has a phones jack? The CD player I use is not subject to change which is why I isolate the amps as the items subject to sale.

When answering, please let me know about the "how" to acccomplish this as well as the products that may be good.

I use Fi pre/amps, Exposure integrated and Ayre CD. Thanx, folks.
You can add a headphone amp to the "tape out" of either your preamp or your integrated (if it has one). A second amplifier out will also work, but in that case the volume control on your pre or integrated is in the circuit. Or, if your CD player has two outputs, you can take your headphone amp right off the CDP.
Let me add, I'd like to have the flexibility to cut in and out of my speakers with the flip of a switch. I do NOT consider moving the CD interconnects out of the pre or integrated and into another box a viable solution.
As an avid headphone listener and previous owner of 2 integrateds...I whole heartedly agree with Peter S...the best idea is a Tape Out or Record Out. But, if neither exists try a Y fitting out of your CD player. Audioquest and others make Y fittings or your cable company probably makes a Y adapter. One will go to your Integrated and the other to your Headphone Amp.
If you put a headphone amp into the tape monitor circuit, you can accomplish this, OR another option would be a Cary 300 sei integrated that has a headphone jack driven off of the 300bs, and speakers can be switched in and out with push of a button. It is considered one of the best headphone amps ever and it ain't bad for driving high eff speakers either.
I have not personally tried this unit, but it looks interesting. Maybe someone else here has tried it and could offer an opinion on the Antique Sound Lab UHC Signature:

The only disadvantage I see is the extra circuitry involved, however I am happy with my ASL headphone amplifier. Some have mentioned occasional quality control issues, but this is as simple and inexpensive as it gets.

Good luck!