Calling All Ex - Shindo Preamp Owners


I am currently using and enjoying my Shindo Masseto preamp, but there is always an eye to see what else is out there. Terribly promiscuous, I know. To be clear, I am not trying in any way to disparage Shindo preamps (they are great), but was  curious whether there are any ex-Shindo preamp owners out here - I would love to get some insight into what convinced you to move on and to which other brand(s) you moved on to (and why). Thank you!




Thank you for your feedback. I suspected just as much, the A-48 is my kind of amp but I wouldn’t mind bi-amping my E-650 with P-4500. 

Thanks @rcprince for sharing your experience of the Monbrisson and the other preamps that you have tried. Btw, is your Monbrisson the current generation (with the output transformer) or the previous generation?

It's an old generation, circa around 2012 or earlier--made by the father, Ken.  Probably not as neutral as the newer models from his son.

Whilst this is esteemed company as I listen to this review 


I went fully balanced with Audio Research with tube output Ref CD9 into the SS combo LS10SE and D240 MKII. Awesome resolution from the quad DAC’s in the CDP. So a fully balanced channel from source to speakers (L’Instrument by Viking Acoustics.

A different path, that’s all.

Thanks @johnread57 for sharing your experience. Much appreciated. Personally, I have moved on to Dartzeel power amp, EMIA autoformer (passive preamp), and Audible Illusions M3B.