Calling All Ex - Shindo Preamp Owners


I am currently using and enjoying my Shindo Masseto preamp, but there is always an eye to see what else is out there. Terribly promiscuous, I know. To be clear, I am not trying in any way to disparage Shindo preamps (they are great), but was  curious whether there are any ex-Shindo preamp owners out here - I would love to get some insight into what convinced you to move on and to which other brand(s) you moved on to (and why). Thank you!


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I'm not an ex-Shindo owner, but I had my Monbrisson in the shop for a while to fix a transformer buzz and a general refurbishment after a little over 8 years.  While it was away I used a passive TVC unit (Prometheus) and was very surprised as to how good it sounded, to the point of considering selling my Monbrisson when it came back, especially since my hearing in my left ear has deteriorated to the point that I questioned whether I didn't need all this high-end equipment to enjoy my recordings.  But I got the Monbrisson back this week, and upon putting it back in my system I realized, even with my impaired hearing, what I had been missing (micro and macro-dynamics, spaciousness, a sense of "life" in the music, for lack of a better word) and why I (and many of us) find the Shindo sound so intoxicating. So I doubt it will be leaving my system anytime soon.


I'd say if you're thinking of replacing the Shindo, I'd suggest that you consider Jadis (I had a JP200 that I replaced with the Shindo to downsize my system, it was as lifelike but noisier), VAC and Lamm, of the brands I've heard, and Audio Note and maybe Atmasphere, of the brands I haven't heard.


Exactly my sentiments! I do miss the Shindo intoxicating sound too. May I know what is your rest of the system, like speakers and amp?

I have an EMM Labs XDS1 v.3 and Laufer Teknik Memory Player for digital sources, Basis Ovation vacuum TT/Graham Supreme/Air Tight analog source, VAC Phi 200 amp and Nola Micro Reference speakers (room is only 11x14, can't use bigger speakers), with a JL Labs Fathom F110 sub for the last octave of bass.  I actually don't use the phono stage of the Shindo (which is excellent), as I have a prototype of the Merrill Audio Jens phono stage made by its designer for me that is really something special.  The Shindo/VAC combination is quite good sonically, but the interface between the two requires me to use passive attenuators between them in order to be able to move the Shindo volume control to an optimal position, as below 8 o'clock the volume control has balance problems, as noted in some other threads.