Calling all Escalante Design Fremont Owners

I awaiting the arrival of a pair of Fremonts, always been a big fan of TB and his work all the way back, wondered if you guys could give me some insight into getting the best out of these i.e. whats amps, transports etc.

Currently running :-

Wadia 861GNSC
Halcro MC20
Lyngdorf RP1
Audio Magic Nexus Conditioner
VD Revelation 2 all round

Thanks for you input, be gentle it's my first post.
Congrats! Great speakers. I've had them for ~2 years now....

While these speakers are pretty efficient, they can handle extreme power (Matt Waldron once told me you could plug them into a 15 Amp outlet and they'd output 130+ dB of 60 Hz!) I have run them on Proceed HPA's, Mark Levinson 433 and now use a Krell Evo 403 and they keep liking the increased power. You could use tubes as well as I've heard them at several shows on tubes, but they still tended to be pretty powerful (think the Butler Mono blocks)
Thanks for the reply pal, these will be replacing my current AP Caldera's which have served me well. Can't sleep waiting for these babies to arrive, haven't heard them but if they out perform the Khorus Mk2 which I have heard I'll dancing round the round with delight.

It's funny this hifi game as a friend once said you've found a hobby more expensive than what Grandmaster Flash used to rap about.

What transport do you use, cabling etc will the VD stuff be to revealing on the speaker side.


I have no experience with your cables, I am using Transparent Reference XL MMM2, I had the Reference (MM1) prior. I use the EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2 for my reference.

What color are your Fremonts? Mine came in the Cadillac white pearl and are pretty unique.
Fremonts are Indy red, that caddy white is awesome and is so trendy at the moment is is the colour of choice for cars anyway.

Do you have any advise on positioning, tweeks etc that you' ve stumbled across in the yrs of ownership.
Can anybody give me advise on best speaker cables to use with Fremonts along with Ayon Triton tube which next on my list.


I have heard the Fremonts with Ayon, can't remember what cables they were using at the Show (CES 2009) though.
So David,

Do you like them?? I have mine rocking with an ARC Ref 5 pre, the EMM Labs TSD1/DAC2and a Krell Evo 403 all wired with Transparent reference XL and it is a sweet sounding rig.

I realized I never answered one of your questions, as for positioning they like some space behind them but can do without as they are front ported, I find I like them almost straight forward with just a tiny bit of toe in.

Hope you are enjoying them!
Hi Pal,

This will make you laugh but waiting for my basement to be finished which will be 4wks away. Now was looking at the Ayon amps but seldom available so was maybe going to have a punt a a set of Vac amps to get the real richness as the Fremonts are so revealing.

They are very revealing but in a polite way. They work well with SS as well as tubes. While they are highly efficient, they like power. Matt Waldren once told me you could plug them into a 15 Amp wall outlet and they won't blow, even offered to let me do it to mine to prove it if I wanted! (Supposedly they output something like 130 dB @ 60 Hz!)

I've got mine with a ARC Ref 5 pre and Krell Evo 403 amp right now and it's a really nice combo!