Calling All (Any) Cartridge Alignment Experts in Western North Carolina

...or thereabouts. I just went all in on a new analog set-up, a Luxman EQ-500 phono preamp and a Kiseki Purple Heart to mount on my Technics 1200G table. The Purple Heart, while almost universally praised, is said to be pretty finicky to set up. I've mounted and set up quite a few cartridges over the years, but I am not sure I trust my aging eyes or unsteady hand to do the PH justice. Thus my inquiry.

If you know of an alignment guru in this region--which could be expanded to include Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh, and Knoxville--let me know. I would greatly appreciate any good leads.
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Walter, You may want to look at a Smart Tractor. It has a really nifty magnifier so you can see what you are doing and it has got to be the most accurate protractor on the market. It is pricey but after looking it over most definitely worth it.
For 99% of us you have to do it yourself .There are more than enough clips on You Tube to show you how.
And yes it is scary . That’s why I won’t buy anything that costs over
300$ A Nagoka MP-200 will do 99% of what is needed as will my MoFi Ultra TT .

A pro with an oscilloscope can do the best job. Without a final signal test, it's just a guess, perhaps a physically measured accurate guess but still a guess. The oscilloscope tells all.