Calling all Accuphase cdp owners

Hello all,

I am seriously considering purchasing an Accuphase DP55V cdp and noted with interest that it has a digital volume control. I was wondering what your experiences have been using the inbuilt volume control (does attenuating lose dynamics, resolution, detail through the reduction of bits?) and whether you think it sounds better running it direct to a power amp or through a preamp? I am currently upgrading the entire system starting with the front-end, but if the digital volume control is as good as Accuphase say it is, I would save a lot of money by not getting a preamp and instead buy/make a simple passive switchbox myself (so I can use both the cdp and a HT pre/pro).

I have owned three Accuphase cdp's: DP-65, DP-75 and now the DP-75V. I have used two linestages (Presence Deluxe Linestage, Jeff Rowland Synergy II with optional battery power supply) and in each case I have found that the players sounded better running straight into the power amplifier. Caveats are that these players are not internally balanced and therefore will sound better through the single ended outputs (providing that you are not using a power amp that is fully balanced in which case you will need to consider the pin configuration of the balanced outputs/inputs). You also need to be mindful of any potential impedence mismatching between the Accuphase and the power amplifier.

What cables, and outputs, are you using between the 75v and your amplifier?

I am running the 75V directly into an Accuphase A-50V power amplifier via single ended outputs/inputs. Interconnect is a 1.5m run of Nordost Quatro-fil (sp?). I typically do most critical listening between 15 and 20 on the 75V's display. Background levels are at 25 or higher. BTW, lest you think that pairing of Accuphase components is the deciding factor, I found that the 75V sounded better running directly into a Rowland Model 10 power amp (upon removal of the battery powered Synergy II pre amp). The Model 10 preceded my purchase of the A-50V.
I am sorry to disagree with the other Accuphase owners...I have a DP75V CD player, and after a few tests connecting it directly to my Pass X350 or through my Audio Research Ref 1, there is no comparison! When you go through a good preamplifier, the sound is always better.
What a confusion now, isn't it?
Thanks for all your replies folks, any more opinions from Accuphase owners?

Gecus, what do you feel the ARC adds to the sound?