Calling all (50 or less?) Falcon Kingswood Warren Edition LS3/5a owners...

I stumbled into a rather expensive (relative) impulse buy a couple of months back as my semi-local dealer happened to urge me to listen to his only for-sale pair of Falcon Kingswood Warren Special Edition LS3/5as.  I had a buddy whose ears I trust with me, and it only took about 1/4 of a song for him to turn to me and say "you should buy these," and I was thinking the exact same thing, so I knew what had to happen.  For a guy who doesn't make impulse buys very often on anything, that was a big swing out of my comfort zone that day, but I don't regret it for a second as they are absolutely amazing speakers.

I'd like to make contact with other owners, and honestly really any LS3/5a owners (which I know is a much, much larger and very loyal group) and ask the first question--what amp(s) are you finding to be great pairings to these beautiful little speakers?

As it turns out, fortunately I happened to have not sold (due to a day-of backout...thank you) my Melody 845 integrated, which is a superb pairing with these speakers at their 18 wpc output.  I'm running Elrog tubes in them, which turns out to be a really detailed yet musical sound that seems to be a super match for the amp and speakers.  I'm back in love with this stellar amp and tube combo. 

But like all things audio, I have to ask...anyone else blown away by different amp pairings?

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Hi parsons,
     I (unfortunately) have not had the opportunity to put my ears on the Falcons. I do however own a pair of Graham Chartwell LS3/5's.  Right now I am driving them with a pair of Monarchy Audio SM70mkII's,with great results. I also pair them a First Watt F5. Again,great results. I have a very tough time pulling myself out of my listening room!
Those are two awesome amp options from my reading, thank you!  Do the two have a noticeably different sound signature from one to the other?  I had a First Watt SIT 2 for a couple of years and didn't really realize that brand had some slightly higher WPC models...interesting, ty.

I am quite certain you have a phenomenal sounding pair of speakers as do I, so congratulations on securing a pair and I'm glad to hear that you are enjoying them as much as I am mine.
The difference I hear between the two amps is the FW seems to have a slight bit more presence in the mid bass. At least to my 56 year old ears.

  I also have three other speakers I rotate in my system,Nola Boxer 2's,Hornshoppe Great Horned Heils,and The Betsy(open baffles)
 Since I purchased the Chartwells,the others have been a little neglected! I hope that at some point I'll be able to sample the Falcons. So many great things have been written about them! Congratulations on your purchase. Have you been able to compare the standard Falcons to your limited edition Falcons??
I don't know where you're located, but I'm in Columbus, Ohio, and if you're ever in the area you're more than welcome to come for a listen (or make a special trip).  I could have had a chance to hear the standard Falcons but I was running very behind schedule already, and they were set up for nearfield listening in an entire other room, so I didn't bother.  They are supposed to sound fantastic too, the dealer told me, but he said you could hear improvements in the special editions, and he owns a pair himself (he personally owns both).

Of note, I have been to Ed's house (of Hornshoppe) and heard the Great Horned Heils speaker.  Very nice guy...he built me a great little pre-amp that I still own somewhere.  I have open baffles in my main rig now.  We clearly have some common sonic interests!
Thank you so much for the offer! If I'm ever in your neck of the woods,I will definitely reach out,and take you up on the audition.