Call All ELO Lovers

Have you tried the new ELO Eldorado  vinyl from MoFi?  I’m hearing a lot of poorly defined bass, lots of “boom.”   I believe I’m disappointed!   What are you hearing?

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My original copy always sounds better when I invert the phase on one channel. It's a great record and I play it often but sound quality is subpar. 

I just finished listening to my MoFi Eldorado LP that arrived today. ELO never pretended or intended to present a "lifelike sound". That simply was not their goal. Jeff Lynne had a singular vision of the overall sound presentation he was going for. I've always been a big fan but, of course, that approach may not be for everyone.

I rarely part with $60 for one vinyl platter.  For me the increased clarity of the entire presentation and the noticeably improved presence of the drum kit added an extra sense of drive to the recording. The "Super Vinyl" is quite super as there is nary even the slightest tick from stem to stern.  All in all it is worth every buck to me!

PS A guilty pleasure...After showing my 5 year old granddaughter the original Julie Andrews "The Sound of Music" movie, she became enamored of it to the point that I bought the LP of the movie soundtrack.  It is FABULOUS!  One of the quietest pieces of vinyl ever sounds like it was recorded yesterday.  Even better, the soundstage places each person in the position they were on the screen as that song was sung.  My granddaughter now knows every lyric by heart! 

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