California Audio Labs VP-2500 Scaler ANYONE?

I am having problems sending a progressive scanned signal to my Sony 10HT. It says FREQUENCY too high. What does this mean? Component and S video are fine?

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Hey i just bought a CL SSP and can't get any sound out of it? Any suggestions I have the dvd to the coaxial and my digital sattelite to the # 4 optical. I only have the front three channels hooked up to my 7.1 and nothing hooked to the surround channels. Any ideas? I don't have the video switcher but the 2500 dvd i ordered will be here thursday.

Thanks TJ
You have to make sure the default audio menu is programmed to recieve a digital signal on the input that you are using. Go to the menu and select system configuration, then edit user preset. Follow the instructions in the manual and make sure the coax input is set correctly. Contact me with more specifics and I will see if I can help.