California Audio Labs Master Series

Has anyone heard the CAL Master Series DACs, most specifically the SC-10? I'm curious to how they stack up to the stock CAL Alpha and Sigma units, both of which I've been very happy with.

The master series is better than the Alpha and Sigma units. It was a statement product and I believe around 10k. I have the 2500 series dvd player, the last dvd player Cal made and it outperforms my friends Cal dac, I'm not sure which one he has but we compared them in his system. The master series dac is supposed to be better than the 2500 series DVD player.
Its funny you mention this Cal MASTER SERIES SC-TEN Tube Dac. Someone just sold this Dac on Ebay last month. I still have the ad. I rarely have seen this Cal dac being sold. You can email the guy who sold it, also you can email the guy who bought the dac. There's also a pic of the dac. The guy was using the Cal on a Sony SACD player. Here's the ad.
I owned a Delta-Alpha combo for ten years and never new there was a "Master Series" till I saw them for sale like Twilo mentioned above. There was actually two units sold in approx. the same time peiod (unusual) and I just happened to save all the pictures. I'll send them to you if your interested, lots of gold plating everywhere on the units.
Thanks all for your responses. I'll get in touch with the sellers/buyers and see what have to say. Thanks for the offer of the pics, Rx8man. I've seen the unit, though, just never heard it. It does look like a "statement," doesn't it?
i'm the happy owner of two couples of them .
one using sc-10 converter, the other using sc-20.
ask me what you whant to know about them.
i also can send you some pictures.
..probably i will sell one couple ...
Fabio, I'm curious about how much better they are than the normal Alpha/Delta combo, and in what ways.

I'm curious about the sc-20. I see a pair for sale at my Hi Fi shop.