California audio labs dx1

Picked this player up at a yard sale for $15.Works and sounds pretty good.Heard they made good players and was wondering any thoughts about this certain model?Thanks for opinions.
Does it have PowerBoss?  That was supposedly a big SQ improvement on the Cal Audio Ikon Mk II (which sounds about as good as last years low end Oppo disc player BTW)
Don't know,how or where would I locate to see? 
The PowerBoss option was not available for the DX1.
Just read that also,oh well.
It’s a nice/musical sounding player if in good shape.

Best to leave it powered on 7/24.

I’m still using an Icon MkII that has been powered up 99.99% of the time for the past 16 years.

Listened to the DX1 and DX2 models (used) before purchasing the Icon (also used).

Also, did not care for the Icon with the Power Boss upgrade VS the standard issue as it sacrificed richness (and scary realistic vocals) for tighter bass.

I remedied the stock Icon II’s somewhat loose bass with the addition of a Neuance shelf and never looked back.

Also sold a Bel Canto DAC once I added the shelf as I then preferred the stock DAC in the Icon.

It should sound better when powered up for 3-4 days.

Nice find.


it is still a very good player and WELL worth the price you paid(!)
Has I nice warm I guess you could say laid back sound. 
If the sound is too laid back for your system/taste simply place in on hard footers.

No need to replace the stock footers, just place it on a hard wood cutting board (if you have one @ hand), or use four matched ceramic ramekins under the stock footers.

You have mentioned Rega decks in previous posts that I’ve found to be considerably more static/boring than the Cal’s, so unless your new find is damaged/out of spec it’s worth a try.
Yes a Rega Planet.The JVC XL-Z 1050 is smooth too.Purchased a Cambridge 651c not long ago thats more forward for sure but like the different presentation each offers. 
Any other suggestions regarding the dx1?