California Audio Labs DX-1

My California Audio Labs DX-1 CD player is only a budget player but sounds natural and detailed. It has developed a strange fault , it plays a couple of cd's perfectly then it freezes totally. Give it a rest (for some days even) and it plays again. What can this be? the tubes maybe?
Any idea most welcome,
Boudewijn in Holland
I don't believe the DX-1 has tubes; my DX-2 certainly doesn't. Yes, the DX's have a very nice sound to them. I use mine as a transport into a modded ART DI/O, but sometimes just use the DX-2 by itself and am very pleased by its sound.

As for your problem, it could be anything from a loose connection inside the unit, to a soldier trace that's lifting, to a cap or resistor that's going bad. I would suggest having a technician give it a once over. But be aware that diagnosing & fixing it may be more costly than replacing it with something new and of similar quality/character.