California Audio Labs Delta Transport

Has anyone tried a universal remote with this CD transport, and if yes, what brand and make was the remote?

I hooked my Delta up yesterday after years on the shelf to see how my new CD player/DAC does with outside digital sources. Sounded great with the Delta, but the Delta has rudimentary on-board controls and would be best used with a remote.

Any tips or suggestions for universal remotes would be most appreciated. Of course, if you have a "in perfect-working-order" Cal Audio Labs remote, I would be interested.

I have a Cal Audio Labs remote for the CL10, don't know if it works with the
Delta? If yes, make offer. It is basically 9 of 10 on Audiogon rating system.
Best, Rob
Any universal remote that has the buttons you are missing should work fine. If you have a TV or DVD player remote that can be used with other brands, try it. That's probably all you need.