California Audio Labs CL-5 repair?

I purchased a California Audio Labs CL-5 changer on Ebay, and apparently got burned. For a unit that the seller claimed "functioned properly" this puppy is doing virtually everything wrong. The random function doesn't work, error codes come up, the remote functions erraticly etc. When it does work, it sounds great and plays the cd flawlessly, but the control functions are a mess. I'm wondering if it's worth repairing, who I might find to do it, and what the cost might be. A Google search brought up Approved Audio Service in Litchfield, CT. Anybody have any experience with them? Any help would be much appreciated! Ben
I live down the road from them and have dealt with them on a few occasions. They are reputable.

Man, I feel your pain. I've had THREE (count 'em) bad CALs and finally said to heck with them. My advice is to toss it in your trash bin like I did my last one and move on to a company that's still in business.
thanks for your input. I will call them tomorrow and see what I can suss out. Ben
Any suggestions for a multi-disc player. I don't want to spend a fortune, but with a decent system (Usher x-929 speakers, Sonic Frontiers amplification etc.) I would like something a cut above the big box store brands. Thanks, Ben
Hi Balthus,

I have a CAL CL-5 that I picked up in need of repair and am close to fixing it. I still need a remote and am wondering if you would sell your CL-5 with remote or just the remote?